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Kids Who Read More Have More Empathy and Academic Success, Research Finds

The average American read for just about 15 minutes in 2022. This is concerning, considering only a decade ago, in 2012, the average reading time was 19 minutes and 48 seconds.

Bible Readers Give More Generously

Statistics show those who read God’s Word give more freely. Yet few know what it truly says about generosity.

December 2017
Dec 12 Science & Technology The CRISPR Revolution
Dec 9 Society & Lifestyles Socialism: America’s Future?
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November 2017
Nov 19 Science & Technology Why the Fuss over Net Neutrality?
Nov 10 Society & Lifestyles A Fix for the Work-Life Imbalance
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October 2017
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September 2017
Sep 17 Society & Lifestyles Can America Erase Racism?
Sep 13 Science & Technology The Faces Behind Internet Scams
Sep 10 Society & Lifestyles What Are Smartphones Doing to Our Kids?
Sep 1 Politics The Age of Democracy?
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July 2017
Jul 1 Analysis The Miracle of America
Jul 1 Weather & Environment Is Going Green the Answer?
Jul 1 Asia The Korea Conundrum
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May 2017
May 1 Health Issues Getting Better Sleep
May 1 Analysis The Fight Against Famine
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March 2017
Mar 1 Science & Technology Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?
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January 2017
Jan 1 Society & Lifestyles Defining Generation Z
Jan 1 Science & Technology Seeing Clearly – The Story of the Human Eye
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