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Washington State Moves to Protect Endangered Killer Whales

SEATTLE (AP) – With the number of endangered orcas that frequent the inland waters of Washington state at a 30-year low, Governor Jay Inslee on March 14 directed state agencies to take immediate and longer-term steps to protect the killer whales.

White House: U.S. Is Waging Wars in 7 Countries

Washington announced for the first time on March 14 that American Army Green Berets in December fought a battle in Niger against Islamic State militants, killing 11. This battle occurred only two months after four Green Berets were killed in a surprise attack in the same country, which at the time aroused public curiosity as to why there was an American military presence there.

March 2018
Mar 22 Terrorism & Security How Police Finally Found the Austin Bomber
Mar 14 Weather & Environment South Africa Drought Now a National Disaster
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February 2018
Feb 25 Economy & Personal Finance 1 in 5 Americans Have More Credit Card Debt than Savings
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January 2018
Jan 13 Weather & Environment Ocean Dead Zones Have Quadrupled Since 1950
Jan 4 Economy & Personal Finance Apple Set to Become First $1 Trillion Company This Year
Jan 1 Health Issues U.S. Hit Hard by Early Flu Season
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