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Ambassador Center

Ambassador Center, founded in 2008 by David C. Pack, president and pastor general of The Restored Church of God, is committed to the development of the whole person. AC is dedicated to helping men and women prepare for meaningful roles in the Work of God by educating students with values that lead to success in life.

AC seeks to achieve excellence in teaching while providing an educational setting that will serve to further character and personality development.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Ambassador Center is twofold:

(1) To provide a co-educational learning institution for the training of students, including future employees at The Restored Church of God’s World Headquarters.

(2) To provide a consecrated ministry for The Restored Church of God according to the highest spiritual, intellectual and cultural standards, to serve those God calls to His Church, and for the preaching and publishing of the gospel of the kingdom of God as a witness to all nations.

Ambassador Center recognizes the necessity of equipping students not only with thorough knowledge and sound understanding of Scripture and theology, but also in the liberal arts, affording a well-rounded, balanced education.

Sampling of Classes Offered

• World Geography

A survey of world geography that covers major lands, rivers, oceans, and geographical features and their effects on our world. Students learn strategic landmarks and national boundaries.

• Creation Science

Students are taught the basic laws and theories of modern science, from how they were developed to the current day. Creation is proven using scientific evidence, theories and facts, while evolutionary theory is disproven.

• Music Appreciation and Fine Arts

An introduction to the fine arts. Students learn how historical time periods carved their influences into famous paintings, art and music. This helps students appreciate these works in a new light and better understand modern culture.

• Health & Wellness

Overview of health and wellness for life application. Discussion of human physiology and function of bodily systems. Covers basics of fitness and exercise, as well as the principles for making healthy choices.

Additional classes include:

• Introduction to Agriculture and Its History

• Critical Thinking & Writing

• Agricultural Husbandry

• Etiquette and Protocol

• Government of God

• Home Economics

Ministerial candidates receive additional training in pastoral care, counseling, and advanced religious studies.