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Feast of Tabernacles

Described in Leviticus 23:33-35, the Feast of Tabernacles (or “the Feast”) is a commanded seven-day festival held each year in the fall. God’s people look forward to this most special time of year with great anticipation, and gather at beautiful locations around the world where God has chosen to “put His name” (Deut. 12:5). During the Feast, brethren leave behind their daily routines and come together to fellowship and rejoice before God (Lev. 23:40) in complete peace, harmony and unity.

When God’s people observe this festival they are rehearsing the time when humanity will be living in peace in a utopian world, free from the negative influence of Satan the devil. The Feast is a time to reflect upon the resurrected saints’ role in helping Jesus Christ administer the world-ruling government that will usher in this unparalleled time.

For information on this annual festival, you may wish to read God’s Holy Days or Pagan Holidays? and Lesson 28 of our Bible Introduction Course, “The Feast of Tabernacles.”

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