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Friday, August 08, 2014

Emerging Disease Epidemics, Five Traits Needed to Lead Europe, U.S. and Iran’s Relationship, Millennials and Marriage—The Real Truth™ Releases Its August 2014 Issue

WADSWORTH, Ohio, August 8, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Real Truth, a 10-issue-per-year publication distributed free of charge around the world, has published its August 2014 issue.


“Five Traits Needed to Lead Europe” (p. 4)

With the political landscape of the EU shifting, what are the five traits necessary for Europe’s next leader to restore the continent to a leading role on the world stage?

Other Articles Featured in the August 2014 Issue


“The Existence of God—Logically Proven!” (p. 1)

For thousands of years, people have debated whether God exists. Most conclude that it cannot be proven—one way or the other. Agnostics assert that they “don’t know.” Atheists have concluded that God does not exist. What does science tell us?


“Iran and the United States: Unlikely Partners? (Part 1)” (p. 11)

Relations between Iran and the U.S. have been rocky for decades. Iran has been linked to numerous terrorist activities against the West—while the U.S. has responded with everything from outright retaliation to economic sanctions. At the same time, opposite these aggressive actions have been diplomatic concessions. Is a new day dawning in Iran-U.S. relations?


“Emerging Disease Epidemics—From Pests to Pestilence” (p. 16)

An exponential increase in animal populations in urban areas is more than just a fleeting annoyance—it is a significant threat to human health. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, “More than 70 percent of emerging infectious diseases in humans over the past few decades have jumped species from animals to humans.” Learn the reasons for this increase and what it means for the future.


“Millennials Minus Marriage?” (p. 20)

Securing a good education and career is at the top of the list for many young adults, along with close friendships, partying and no-strings-attached sex. Emphasis on these pursuits has swept aside the process for finding a husband or wife and starting a family. Unlike generations past, marrying before age 27 is now considered too soon. What is behind the shift?


“Never Stop Learning!” (p. 8)

No matter your age, the time to stop learning is never! An awesome future awaits those who continue to educate themselves. Research even proves that we were never designed to stop absorbing new information. Find out why and how.


“Police Deaths Up By More Than 50 Percent in 2014” (p. 32)

The growing influence of radical groups combined with a noted increase in overall lawlessness is sparking a greater number of police killings across the United States.

“‘Islamic State’ Could Eclipse al-Qaida as Dominant Militant Group” (p. 33)

The emergence of the Islamic State formerly known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has led some authorities to regard the faction as a potential replacement to al-Qaida, the longtime global militant Islamic group.

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