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Library: Children’s Bible Lessons

Taking a basic, systematic approach, these lessons bring Bible figures and stories to life—engaging children and asking them questions—helping them learn, understand and apply vital points and principles from God’s Word.

The Children’s Bible Lessons are presented in seven levels, from kindergarten through grade six. There are 12 lessons for each grade level, including special spring and fall Holy Day lessons. As children advance from one level to the next, the lessons become more detailed, leading children to grow in understanding—and interest. At the end of Level Six, children, equipped with invaluable principles, will have been prepared to better handle pressures they will face as teenagers. So will their parents.

This section also includes semi-annual (spring and fall) activity books—coloring pages, puzzles and word games—for small children. (Here is the Introductory Cover Letter sent to parents who are members of The Restored Church of God.)

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Children’s Bible Lessons – Introductory Cover Letter

Dear parents of God’s young children,

We are pleased to present you with your first installment of the Children’s Bible Lessons. You will be receiving one lesson each month until your child finishes the sixth grade. There are seven grade levels (K-6) each with twelve lessons—for a…

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Children’s Bible Lesson Level K
Level K – Lesson 1

Children’s Bible Lesson Level 1
Level 1 – Lesson 1

Children’s Bible Lesson Level 2
Level 2 – Lesson 1

Children’s Bible Lesson Level 3
Level 3 – Lesson 1

Children’s Bible Lesson Level 4
Level 4 – Lesson 1

Children’s Bible Lesson Level 5
Level 5 – Lesson 1

Children’s Bible Lesson Level 6
Level 6 – Lesson 1