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Library: Sermons

Making Righteous Decisions

by Bradford Schleifer |April 30, 2024

A Perfect Example

by Jim Habboush |April 22, 2024

Teen Bible Study

Teen Bible Study: Our Gospel Inheritance

by Bradford Schleifer |April 15, 2024

Split Sermon

Two Symbols – One Purpose

by Jaco Viljoen |April 15, 2024

Split Sermon

Footwashing: Only a Lesson in Humble Service?

by Samuel Baxter |April 15, 2024

The House of Mourning

by Andrew Holcombe |March 25, 2024

Split Sermon

Looking Back or Looking Forward?

by Ryan Denee |March 18, 2024

Split Sermon

Are You Longsuffering?

by Salasi Jezhi |March 18, 2024

We Have Work(s)

by Bradford Schleifer |March 11, 2024

Teen Bible Study

Teen Bible Study: Building a Good Name

by Samuel Maiden |March 7, 2024

Think About Thinking

by Jim Habboush |March 4, 2024

Put First Things First

by Carl Houk |February 26, 2024

Standing Out From Worldliness

by Edward Winkfield |February 19, 2024

Teen Bible Study

Teen Bible Study: Chart the Right Course!

by Jim Habboush |February 7, 2024

Split Sermon

Boldness – Access and Action!

by Jaco Viljoen |February 5, 2024

Split Sermon

A Mineral of Great Value

by Samuel Maiden |February 5, 2024

Am I Laodicean or Philadelphian?

by Bradford Schleifer |January 29, 2024

A Formula for Learning!

by Jim Habboush |January 22, 2024

Bible Study

Bible Study: God’s Law – Central to Life!

by Jaco Viljoen |January 11, 2024

Learn From Noah

by Edward Winkfield |January 8, 2024

5 Ways to Build Temperance

by Andrew Holcombe |January 1, 2024

Gratitude vs. Envy

by Bradford Schleifer |December 25, 2023

Be You Clean!

by Jim Habboush |December 18, 2023

Teen Bible Study

Teen Bible Study: The Wisdom of Saving

by Ken Orel |December 8, 2023

Become “Unoffendable”

by Edward Winkfield |December 4, 2023

Obedience Like Christ

by Carl Houk |November 27, 2023

Sight and Light

by Bradford Schleifer |July 10, 2023

Living Christianity

by Bradford Schleifer |February 20, 2023

Become a Bible Analyst!

by Edward Winkfield |December 27, 2022

Hidden Science of the Bible (Part 1)

by Bradford Schleifer |July 11, 2020