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Where Did Satan Come From?

The devil has been a subject of interest for millennia. He has been pictured as a ghost, boogeyman and spook—or as a “devilishly” handsome man in a red suit with horns and a pitchfork. He has also been portrayed as the nebulous “epitome of all evil”—or the cause of everything bad that people do. Most are familiar with the expression “the devil made me do it.” Some think the Beast of Revelation is the devil, even though the Bible states it is Satan who gives the Beast his power.

Identifying the Church Jesus Christ Built

My mother required her three children to read numerous books when growing up. I spent many summers reading her assigned book a week. On occasion, perhaps two or three times, I picked up the Bible and attempted to read it. But I never got far, because it made no sense to me. I simply could not understand the Bible.

December 2012
Dec 13 Middle East World News Report: December 2012
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November 2012
Nov 2 International World News Report: October 2012
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September 2012
Sep 27 Society & Lifestyles What Few Understand About Sex
Sep 10 International World News Report: September 2012
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June 2012
Jun 27 Analysis A World Held Captive
Jun 25 International World News Report: June 2012
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May 2012
May 25 Weather & Environment Why Extreme Weather Is Increasing! – Part 2
May 9 International World News Report: May 2012
May 4 Weather & Environment Why Extreme Weather Is Increasing! – Part One
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April 2012
Apr 17 Society & Lifestyles Right Dating in a World Gone Wrong!
Apr 12 International World News Report: April 2012
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March 2012
Mar 14 International World News Report: March 2012
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January 2012
Jan 19 Science & Technology The Human Mind—What None Can Discover!
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