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World News Report: October 2012

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World News Report: October 2012

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The United States is at a crossroads. Never before have the American people been faced with such a clear decision about the future of their country. Both candidates represent diametrically opposite positions of governance—and way of life!—in a way that is unprecedented. Regarding the country’s citizenry, I have never seen the nation so bitterly divided, with no solution even remotely on the horizon to heal the widening rift. In fact, even the outcome of the election, no matter which side wins, will almost certainly only worsen the anger, and potential greater violence, between the two divided groups. It would be easy to list a great many conditions or trends—the list would be very long—that could turn one way or another based solely on who wins the election.

Ultimately, true Christians recognize that God’s purpose will be accomplished on November 6. The prophet Daniel records that God “removes kings” and “sets up kings” (2:21), and “the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomsoever He will…” (4:17). (To learn more about how true Christians should view politics and voting, read my booklet Should Christians Vote?)

In weather-related events, the late-season Hurricane Sandy killed nearly 60 people in the Caribbean and hit America’s east coast early this week. Up to 81 people have died in the United States so far as a result of the enormous storm. Well over 16,000 flights were cancelled in the first two days, the stock markets were closed Monday and Tuesday (the first time since 1888), and New York City issued extensive mandatory evacuation orders. The storm was described as the worst one in 100 years. After landfall, the monster storm morphed from a hurricane into a far worse “SUPERSTORM,” causing tremendous devastation and flooding in New York, New Jersey, and many states along the east coast. Much of the subway system of New York City, which carries 8.5 million people per day to and from work, has been inundated. Subway tubes, many of them almost two miles long, are completely submersed in water that will take weeks to pump out. Then there is replacing all the corroded electric systems that the saltwater will have ruined, as well as other sensitive materials destroyed by the water.

Now think of this. New York City has 28 million rats. Where did they go? Remember that rats can carry literally dozens of diseases. While it is thought that many drowned quickly from fast-rising water, experts warn that many others made it out and will find a feast of food awaiting them. These are described as carrying the potential to grow into “super rats,” similar in size to groundhogs, but much faster. This is an example of the many stories that have not been told yet, but will be as events develop.

In addition, entire islands in New Jersey, many miles long and covered with homes, have completely disappeared because the sand was pushed by waves and wind as much as a mile inland, and deposited anywhere from six inches to reports of five feet deep in many places. Beach homes that are still standing are now sitting well out into the ocean—an astonishing sight! The storm, still causing snow to fall in parts of the country, is now estimated to cost about $20 billion in property damages, with another up to $30 billion in lost business—totaling $50 billion at least.

The catastrophic storm left millions without power up and down the coast. Around 4 million people are still without power (down from 8.9 million), with power company Con Edison estimating it would still be days or even weeks in some cases before electricity is restored. Con Edison Senior Vice President for Electric Operations John Miksad stated, “This is the largest storm-related outage in our history” (CBS New York). Incidentally, the previous record was set just last year after Hurricane Irene struck.

Finally, more disease outbreaks are being reported, and old diseases are morphing into powerful, impossible-to-stop drug resistant forms. The Pale Horse of disease described in Revelation 6 continues picking up speed.

With all that is happening regarding the advance of prophecy around the world, it becomes clear that the coming of the kingdom of God is mankind’s only solution—no political party or platform is going to effect change in any meaningful way for very long.

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