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Where Is God’s Church Today?
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Jesus said, “I will build My Church…” There is a single organization that teaches the entire truth of the Bible, and is called to live by “every word of God.” Do you know how to find it? Christ said it would:

  • Teach “all things” He commanded
  • Have called out members set apart by truth
  • Be a “little flock”

Here Is The Restored Church of God

Many ask: What is The Restored Church of God? We are a truly unique Church—one whose members are dedicated to letting their light shine in a world desperately needing light! This is the compelling story of a Church empowered by a deep conviction, derived from understanding that genuinely happy lives can be a reality now—and that a wonderful world is soon to come!

In 1979, a newspaper reporter contacted a pastor serving a large church congregation in the Northeastern United States, requesting to interview the pastor and attend services. An article was to result from the reporter’s interview and his impression of the services he attended. At that time, the Church had come to national attention, and most were generally unaware of its beliefs.

However, the promised article for the newspaper’s Sunday edition never appeared. Wondering why, the pastor called the reporter, who confessed that he had originally intended to indict the Church as a cult, but no longer had the heart to do so. When asked why, he explained that seeing so many friendly, happy people disarmed him, and this caused him to abandon his article.

This Church also held the world’s largest annual multi-site convention, with over 120 sites spanning the globe. Wherever the Church gathered, it made an enormous impression. One example: The Georgia State Patrol assigned to the convention site at Jekyll Island, Georgia, indicated that over 10,000 Church members there were much more manageable than a few hundred people meeting for a nearby law officers convention.

The cooperation of the attendees and the fact that the Church appointed its own traffic, parking and security officials meant the Georgia State Patrol needed no additional help. All other conventions (including the law officers convention) required substantially more patrolmen, with numerous difficulties for those responsible for maintaining order.

Invariably, reporters everywhere noted that these conventions were a delight to host. They enjoyed seeing so many well-mannered families enter local convention centers. “Unpretentious,” “down-to-earth,” “happy” and “sincere people radiating an inner peace” were often-used terms describing this Church.

Why is this missing in today’s world? What did these people know that everyone else does not? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Universal Desire

All people long for happy, peaceful, abundant lives. But how many today actually enjoy this kind of wonderful life?

Knowledge is exploding! Mankind has produced astonishing materialistic progress. Breakthroughs in science and technology have never been greater. But have they been able to bring a rich, full, joyful life to everyone? Have education and the knowledge explosion brought it? Has religion succeeded in producing peaceful, abundant lives worldwide? Have governments found the answers to mankind’s truly great questions? Are statesmen providing the example leading to the way that produces true happiness?

In every case, the clear answer is NO!

Vast new frontiers of expanding scientific knowledge have not brought the happiness that leaders prophesied would accompany it. Neither have laborsaving devices, which were supposed to bring people more leisure time to “enjoy themselves.” Instead, mental illness, drug addiction, despair, suicide, alcoholism, self-pity, and other forms of escapism, and general discontent with life, abound everywhere.

Immorality and human degeneration have never been worse. The world is filled with problems—famine, poverty, civil unrest, disease, pollution, religious confusion, war, terrorism, crime, debt, ignorance and political upheaval. And things continually grow worse.

Marriage is under assault as never before. Adultery is exploding—traditional home and family life is blurring and in danger of becoming extinct. The vast majority of families are now broken, confused and out of control, with countless children growing up without both parents. Teen-aged pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are fast becoming the norm. Parents feel helpless in raising moral children in today’s immoral world.

Thousands of wars have been fought in the name of religion. Hundreds of millions of lives have been wiped out in the name of peace! Still there is no peace! Humanly-devised solutions always fail to bring lasting peace—anywhere in the world.

At every turn, mankind has bungled and botched all efforts to solve its truly great problems. As a result, humanity suffers from every conceivable evil and ill. Misery, confusion, unhappiness, discontent, and even desperation abound.

But there is a way that produces true happiness and peace. Some have found a way of life and are living and following this way that yields joy, contentment, prosperity—and lasting fulfillment.

Yet, this includes only a few. Why? The answer lies in a basic law.

A Great Unseen Law

There are many unseen laws that govern life. For example, everyone understands the law of gravity. If one accidentally drops a brick on his foot, the result could be broken bones. If a skydiver jumps from an airplane, and the parachute fails to open, the result is certain death. This is easy to understand.

Here are some examples of another unseen law that is just as real. If a person is constantly sick, it is obvious that laws of health (proper diet, enough exercise, sufficient sleep, etc.) are being broken. The effect of bad health has one or more causes. If a marriage ends in divorce, it can also be attributed to one or more causes: lack of communication, financial woes, death of a child, sexual problems, unhappiness on the job, etc. If someone is arrested for drunk driving, it is not hard to see the cause of the arrest.

Most never identify “cause and effect” as a great LAW governing almost every action in life. They are unaware that this is a general principle at work in the world.

Every effect can be traced to one or more causes. Unwanted or illegitimate pregnancies, crime, drug addiction, bankruptcy, and a thousand other effects, can all be linked to specific causes.

But why can man not see this law at work when looking either at the world as a whole or at lives individually? Why has religion also ignored this important relationship between cause and effect?

There is a cause for the conditions of the world and its inhabitants.

However, aware of this, there are some, scattered around the world, living joyful, abundant lives. These people stand out, glowing with genuine happiness, having purpose in their lives. But this is not due to luck or chance—there is a cause! Most people ignore right causes—and, as a result, reap a host of bad effects.

God-Centered Way of Life

The cause, for both ends of the spectrum, involves one’s way of life. Those few experiencing happy lives follow God’s Way. They are members of the Church of God, known today as The Restored Church of God, the successor to the Church described in the beginning of this booklet. Each member is dedicated to living Christianity!

It could be said that there are two different ways of life. One is best described as the “GIVE” way—the way of love and outgoing concern—God’s way! The other is the opposite or “GET” way—the way of selfishness and self-concern—the way of this world. For 6,000 years, man has lived his own way—the get way.

Most people are interested in enjoying pleasures and accumulating physical things. As has been observed, “Life is about seeing who can die with the most toys.” That may be true of this world, but it is not true of the Christian way.

Christ taught, “It is more blessed to GIVE than to receive.” Practicing this way of life leads to the abundance, peace, prosperity, supreme happiness and joy all seek. The Restored Church of God follows the same way that Christ and the original apostles taught.

God’s spiritual Law—summarized in the Ten Commandments—can be separated into two basic categories: (1) Love toward God, as expounded in the first four commandments. Christ summarized them in Matthew 22:37: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind” and (2) love toward fellow man, summarized in the last six commandments: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (vs. 39). (To learn more about this subject, read our book The Ten Commandments – “Nailed to the Cross” or Required for Salvation?)

Practicing—living!—God’s Way is the CAUSE of the happiness of those in this Church. Each member, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is dedicated to living the way of give—the God-centered way of life. The Restored Church of God is a united body of people focused on making a difference in the lives of individuals. It is determined to help others, to teach them this same way.

The happiness that true Christians experience is not a shallow, false happiness. It runs deep in the life of each member. Why? Because a God-centered way of life produces this!

God—the Creator of all life on Earth—gave mankind a detailed Instruction Manual containing vital information, explaining what we are, why we are, and where we are going. While the manuals and textbooks of institutions of higher learning teach students how to make a living, man’s Maker teaches him how to live, through His Word—the Holy Bible. God’s people are dedicated to following His Word and to living by every principle that derives from it. They live these principles and experience the effects—happy marriages and families, productive lives and careers, contentment and fulfillment.

But what about the rest of the world? Again, why is there so much evil today? Why the increasing crime, unrest, rioting, wars and violence? Why is immorality exploding? Why do over half of marriages in today’s society fail?

Civilization has lost—completely ignored—crucial information!

Knowledge was Lost

Humanity has lost the knowledge of God’s way of life and how to live it. Man does not know why he is, what he is and where he is going. Society has lost the understanding that brings happiness and joy. It does not know the way to peace (Rom. 3:17; Isa. 59:8).

Why is this?

As simple as this may sound, the cause of all the world’s troubles began in the Garden of Eden. God had created all things and also had taught Adam what is right and wrong—but Adam insisted on deciding right and wrong for himself. Humanity has followed Adam’s decision—and way—and been miserable ever since!

The world has lost sight of a decision made by Adam and Eve. They chose not to eat of the Tree of Life, which God had told them they could freely do, choosing instead to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Again, mankind ever after has followed in their footsteps—the way of get.

This explains a modern world filled with troubles, evils and ills! The knowledge and understanding of God’s Way became lost.

From Creation, until the First Coming of Jesus Christ, relatively very few followed God’s instructions regarding right and wrong. The Bible does, however, name several of God’s faithful servants. Adam’s son Abel chose the right way of life. Several generations later, Enoch walked with God. His great-grandson Noah was the only person of his day who followed God. His son Shem followed in his footsteps. Soon after the flood, there was Abraham, the father of the faithful. Following him were Isaac, Jacob and Joseph—plus Job and the prophets, among others (Heb. 11:32-40).

In the time of Moses, God raised up His nation, Israel. He made a covenant with the Israelites, yet soon after, they rebelled. While God attempted to have the Israelites follow His Way, they rejected Him. At the same time, most of the world continued in the original way that Adam and Eve chose.

This was the world before Christ—one in which few walked with God. Almost all had rebelled, and the knowledge of God’s Way was lost to the vast majority. This was a world needing a Savior to reconcile it to its Creator. It was during this period that many prophets brought the good news of a Messiah soon to come with a message to the world.

The Messenger and His Announcement

Jesus came not to save the world and rule as King then, but rather as a Messenger with an announcement. His message was the gospel—the good news—of the coming kingdom of God.

In order to announce the coming kingdom of God, Christ had to first overcome Satan, the god of this world. This would qualify Him to replace Satan and become King of God’s soon-coming kingdom.

He also came to reconcile mankind to the Father. From the moment Adam and Eve rejected God, humanity has been cut off from God—and from the knowledge of the give way, which produces the good things in life. Being perfect, Christ gave His life for humanity. By His sacrifice—His death—He paid the penalty for the sins of all.

The kingdom that Christ announced is the world government of Almighty God, soon to come, which will rule all nations and bring everlasting peace and prosperity. This gospel message included the fact that, upon repentance and faith, people could become God’s begotten children. Then, after a lifetime of overcoming, growing and giving, these begotten children would one day be born again, entering God’s kingdom. (To learn more about this topic, read our booklet What Is the Kingdom of God?)

Birth of the Church and God’s Work

Jesus understood and taught His disciples that of Himself He could do nothing. The Spirit of God enabled Him to accomplish all that He did. Prior to His ascension to heaven, Christ told His disciples He would send them God’s Spirit.

This event, the beginning of the Church of God, occurred in AD 31. Jesus described the significance of that event: “But you shall receive power, after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses unto Me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” God then gave His Holy Spirit to 120 disciples.

The Work of God also began at this same time. Delivering to the world the gospel—the good news of the coming kingdom—the true gospel!—has always been the Work of God! Infused with the Holy Spirit, God’s people were now empowered to fulfill His mission.

Jesus stated, “I will build My Church.” This goes far beyond just beginning, increasing and caring for it. There is a great transcendent purpose for the Church Christ built!

God’s Work—The Mission

Christ’s Church has a mission. Every member is called to become a part of the exciting Work of God.

This mission—this Work of love—has a two-fold commission. The First Commission is “Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). This will apply much more fully in the second half of Christ’s earthly ministry. The Second Commission is to feed the flock of God—to supply each member of God’s Church with spiritual food (John 21:15-17). As God’s members are fed, they grow spiritually, allowing them to serve and dedicate themselves more to the great First Commission.

Fulfilling the First Commission is far more complex today than in the age in which the original apostles lived. However, teaching in the information age is also more exciting. Vast amounts of knowledge travel at incomprehensible speed. Within all this information is the refreshing knowledge of God’s way of life. The Restored Church of God is spreading the gospel at a rate and efficiency that the Church has never before seen. Great numbers of people can now learn as much as they want, when they want. Many millions around the world are learning sound, proven principles, straight from their Bibles, helping them to live happier lives and become better citizens.

The Restored Church of God is a fountain of true knowledge in a parched world grappling with ever-increasing evils.

The Name of God’s Church

On the night of His betrayal, Christ prayed for the Church: “Holy Father, keep through your own name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one, as We are. While I was with them in the world, I kept them in your name.”

In twelve separate places, the New Testament records that the true Church has been kept in the name of the Father—God. Each uses the term “Churches of God.” This is the name of God’s Church!

This Church recognizes the importance of its name. Just as the name was important in the age of the original apostles, it is also important today. There were times in the New Testament when the name “Church of God” was joined to a descriptive term. For example, “unto the church of God which is at Corinth.

In the modern age, for corporate reasons, the Church may use an additional descriptive name to distinguish itself from other “Churches of God.” We chose the name The Restored Church of God.

Christ is the Head of His Church. Yet, His Church is not a physical place but rather a spiritual body composed of many begotten children. Filled with the Holy Spirit, having the name of God, and led by Christ, the Church and its Work exploded after its inception in AD 31.

The apostles were dedicated to the Work of God, as is The Restored Church of God today.

The Work Falters

Under the apostles’ leadership, the initial growth of the Church was dramatic (3,000 baptisms on the first day). But almost immediately after the first generation of the Church, the Work began to falter. It lost momentum due to Roman persecution and pressures from the rise of a different church.

Throughout the Middles Ages, the work ebbed and its warning to the world grew faint. But it never died. Christ promised that His Church would never die! By the early twentieth century, as the vitality of the Church and Work was waning, a new era arrived. The time had come for God’s end-time message to go around the world.

A New Era—A New Life

In the fall of 1926, God called, and soon began to use, a man named Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986). He led the Church of God for 52 years, beginning in 1934, when he established the Radio Church of God (later named the Worldwide Church of God). (To learn more about the ministry of this extraordinary man, read our book Herbert W. Armstrong – His Life in Proper Perspective.)

With the arrival of the twentieth century, the time had come for Christ’s message to go to the entire world. Under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership, a new era emerged, resembling the first century Church. It was an era that had vitality, experienced tremendous growth throughout the world, and focused on living and sharing the way of give. Empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, the living Jesus Christ was its active Head. Over time, God restored to the Church all the teachings that had been lost through the centuries. With these teachings was the all-important true gospel message.

This message, suppressed for centuries, was now revived!

The Roots of the Worldwide Church of God

The Worldwide Church of God traces its history to the Sabbatarian Church established in America by Steven Mumford in 1664. Mumford was an associate of the Stennett family of England who had led the Sabbatarian movement there throughout the 1600s. The English Sabbatarians traced their roots to the Netherland-based Lollards. The Lollards, in turn, derived from the Sabbatarian Waldenses, who date prior to the 11th century in the Alpine regions of France and Italy.

The following quote attests to the antiquity and creed of the Waldenses: “The method which Allix has pursued in his History of the Churches of Piedmont, is to show that in the ecclesiastical history of every century, from the fourth, which he considers a period early enough for the enquirer after apostolic purity of doctrine, there are clear proofs that doctrines…were maintained by theologians of the north of Italy down to the period when the Waldenses first came into notice. Consequently the opinions of the Waldenses were not new to Europe in the eleventh or twelfth centuries, and there is nothing improbable in the tradition, that the Subalpine Church persevered in its integrity in an uninterrupted course from the first preaching of the Gospel in the valleys” (Gilly, Waldensian Researches, pp. 118-119).

Worldwide Church of God

The Work of God exploded. Doors opened before the Church as it diligently strove to spread Christ’s gospel message.

The Worldwide Church of God averaged 30% growth each year for the first 35 years—1934 through 1968. This allowed God’s message to boom forth all over the world.

In 1934, The World Tomorrow broadcast went on the air for the first time. Starting very small, on only a single 100-watt radio station, the program eventually grew to 400 radio and television stations, with an estimated 250 million listeners!

The Plain Truth—a free magazine of understanding—was published for the first time in February 1934. This magazine dealt with world issues, family values, health and proper education. Again, this also started small, with only 250 copies printed. Yet, Christ’s voice was behind the message of The Plain Truth and the magazine grew to a subscription of 8.27 million worldwide, with an estimated 25 million readers.

In 1947, the Church founded a college. This was needed to provide God’s ever-expanding Work with an educated ministry. In time, the Church had established three colleges, focused on making a difference in the lives of their students—teaching them how to live, not just how to earn a living.

Booklets about dating, marriage, smoking, drugs, managing personal finances, the laws of success, true conversion and others were given freely to a great many people. Readers were taught how to live!

As the Worldwide Church of God expanded, many lives were touched. Millions read and heard the truth of God’s way of life. They began to understand that there is another way—a life of giving—a God-centered way of life. Many outside the Church experienced the benefits of this wonderful education.

Yet, just as the Work faltered a generation after the first-century Church began, it also faltered after the death of Mr. Armstrong.

Recent Church History

In a truly historic move, the leaders who succeeded Mr. Armstrong eventually changed all of his teachings. As time passed, it became clear that the Worldwide Church of God was no longer growing, but rather shrinking. The magnitude and influence of God’s clear, powerful message faded.

This caused several groups to separate from that church. But all groups that left had accepted some of the doctrinal changes taught by the new Worldwide Church of God leadership.

Those who realized the need to hold fast to the full, original teachings, to fully follow God’s Law of Love (I John 5:3; Rom. 13:10), saw that all groups had accepted some changes. Desiring to keep intact the entire formula, which, again, yields such wonderful peace, happiness and abundance, The Restored Church of God was formed. Those holding to the full truth continued to be led by Christ, allowing them to successfully carry on the magnificent, enriching Work of God.

Pastor General of the Church, David C. Pack, ordained in the Worldwide Church of God, and serving in the ministry since 1970, came to realize that no leader or organization was upholding all the original doctrines taught by Mr. Armstrong. Having been personally trained by Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Pack understood the need to continue the mission as he had been taught and to also reach the entire world with the gospel message. Under his leadership, The Restored Church of God was born. (Much more can be learned by reading both volumes of The Authorized Biography of David C. Pack .)

Brief History of The Restored Church of God

This reorganization of the Church of God began in May of 1999, established not as an offshoot of the Worldwide Church of God, but rather as the continuation of the Church as originally founded—carrying on the original apostles’ ministry and teachings.

The Restored Church of God started on the basic premise of the need to teach the good news—the gospel—of the soon-coming kingdom of Almighty God. Our beliefs are the same faith that was “once delivered unto the saints.” Christ never changes, nor does the truth of His Word!

The first several years of The Restored Church of God’s existence were primarily preparatory to the continuation of the Work that Mr. Armstrong had started. While never neglecting to feed the flock, all the tools that the Church once used—free books and booklets, Bible lessons, articles, short-answer Q&As, magazines and broadcasts, with distribution programs—were put into place.

This Church is devoted to God’s way of life and dedicated to the First Commission—reaching the world with Christ’s gospel—teaching the right way, much different from the world’s get way.

The Work of God in the 21st Century

Like the first-century Church, this Church has neither millions of members nor any political or religious power or clout.

Yet, we understand the need to spread God’s message—to reach out to a struggling, suffering world. While the legacy began with the original apostles, the Worldwide Church of God followed in their footsteps, and The Restored Church of God continues this today. The message and goal are the same—only the methods differ.

Website of The Restored Church of God ( The Restored Church of God has the largest biblically based website on Earth, carrying a vast and ever-expanding array of published tools to guide people seeking to live God’s way of life. Yet, unlike most other religious organizations, there is nothing to buy or pay for. It is all free of charge.

The power of the Internet is astonishing, allowing us to now reach over 240 countries and territories, with virtually none left to reach, except in greater force and impact. The potential number of people we can—and will—reach is truly staggering. This has been of great encouragement to those who support this Work.

The World to Come™ Program ( Broadcast via the Internet, this program answers questions such as: Where is the world going? Why is it filled with problems, troubles, evils and ills, causing unhappiness, confusion and misery of every kind? What lies ahead? In an age of fear, confusion and hopelessness, The World to Come is a voice of truth, providing answers, and proclaiming hope for humanity!

In 1934, when The World Tomorrow program was first broadcast, it could only begin on a single small station. Today, The World to Come is instantly available around the world!

The Real Truth™ Magazine ( We also publish a magazine that continues the message of The Plain Truth. The Real Truth magazine, with its accompanying daily news website, carries articles explaining the cause of war, what’s wrong with the weather, can science eradicate pollution, the meaning of events in Europe, why earthquakes are increasing, the complete failure of science to bring the utopian world that all long for, how racial bigotry will eventually disappear, where the world economy is going, what lies ahead for the nations of the world, the value of right ethics—and the definition of true character, the real cause of the moral crisis in the West, what’s wrong with modern education, why so many seek escape and pleasure, and the definition of true success.

We explain the world’s lack of great leaders and what will replace them, and how peace will come in our time, how to build strong families—rearing happy productive children—how to end your financial worries, why new diseases are appearing and older ones are re-appearing—stronger than before—and whether the United Nations is really mankind’s ultimate answer.

We explain why there are thousands of differing—and disagreeing—forms of Christianity, why religion has not solved the world’s great problems, how to understand real faith, how to identify the real Christ of the Bible, the way of “give” vs. “get,” the law of cause and effect, the origin of human nature, principles of healthful living, and a great many other subjects. It brings plain understanding of the insoluble problems now overwhelming mankind, and points to the lasting peace of the world to come, just over the horizon.

With all of these tools and more, The Restored Church of God is helping people now drowning in a sea of problems. Many are finding answers, and they are learning to make their lives happy and productive.

How Is It All Supported?

The Restored Church of God never solicits the general public for financial support.

We are dedicated to this mission of love—of outgoing concern for all people worldwide. All of our activities are supported by dedicated, giving people. Following Christ’s instruction in Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received, freely give,” we offer everything free of charge.

The Restored Church of God receives financial support from the voluntary tithes paid by its members. They recognize the abundant blessings promised by God to all who obey His law of tithing. One side benefit of practicing just this extraordinary law is that it helps people manage their personal finances. In the end, both the Church and its people prosper from practicing this proven law from God’s Word. (There are others who contribute regularly as co-workers and donors, also wishing to share with others what they have received.)

Where Do We Fit in the World?

Christ did not come to earth begging people to become converted, but rather with the announcement described earlier. He taught a way of life that the world had rejected and forgotten. He did not come to save the world of His day. He came to announce a future time when the world would be saved. We follow His example.

Christ’s example, and that of the apostles, shows that Christians do not proselytize. The Restored Church of God also follows this principle. We are not trying to convert or fix this world, but rather continuing Christ’s announcement message. The Restored Church of God explains what is wrong with this world without preaching “at” people or condemning them. We offer hope, showing how mankind’s worst problems and woes will be solved. We bring urgency and vitality to the topics on people’s minds today—explaining the reason for the explosion of problems around the globe. We teach “cause and effect,” not band aides masking the problems.

Many are amazed that the problems and challenges they have in their lives—some seemingly unsolvable—can be solved by following God’s way of life. By putting God first in everything, lives can be straightened out and become fulfilling.

The Restored Church of God offers no political opinions. Again, it does not involve itself with any political movement or agenda. Rather, it teaches love—outgoing concern—for all peoples of the world.

While the Christian’s first priority is always to the government and instruction of God, the Bible teaches the need to properly submit to the governments of men. We strongly adhere to this teaching.

Astonishing Growth

The original apostles were a tiny group who eventually had a profound impact on the world of their time. The Worldwide Church of God also started very small and, within half a century, had enormous impact on the nations of the world. Called an Ambassador for World Peace, Herbert W. Armstrong personally visited one-third of the heads of state—kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers—of his time.

While also beginning small, and still not large by men’s standards, The Restored Church of God is also experiencing steady growth and impact around the world. And with the same pattern of growth that the Worldwide Church of God experienced, The Restored Church of God will continue to grow and to reach out farther, helping more people with vital spiritual knowledge, and affecting positive change in the lives of ever greater numbers.

Christ commanded His disciples to go forth into the entire world. We are doing exactly that! Bringing the message of God’s way of life even to far-flung countries like Zimbabwe, Iceland, China, Chile, New Zealand, Egypt, India and all over Europe. This has not stopped—and we are now consistently reaching all nations on Earth!

Many, many millions visit our enormous website monthly. People are being taught sound, true principles of a productive way of life. They are now armed with knowledge that can help them grow to become better examples—and better citizens—in their local communities.

The Restored Church of God is offering hope. Tools such as broadcasts, three magazines, books, booklets, brochures, articles and Bible lessons (youth and adult) are affecting lives around the world. Thousands are learning God exists and that there is real hope for the world! The number of people learning the way to vitality and abundance—pure joyful happiness—has been steadily compounding weekly. We are focused on helping and giving, for the betterment of individual lives.

Impact and Change

The original apostles strove to make a difference. The Worldwide Church of God made a difference in millions of lives. The Restored Church of God is fired with that same drive—that same hope—to set a positive example and thereby have a positive impact on the world. It is also making a real difference.

Vast multitudes were exposed to the sound teachings of the Church of God under Herbert W. Armstrong. This same message continues today—and the fruits of the Work of God are evident!

Through the Internet and our worldwide Newsstand Distribution Program, thousands are being reached. A great many families are being taught the principles that produce a happy marriage, and are learning how to raise children in a world that has lost such basic knowledge. People are also learning of laws that produce real, lasting success. Lives are changing—people are being affected in positive ways.

The power of God’s Spirit is replacing discouragement with energy and hope. It is bringing zeal to accomplish, and removing confusion and indifference. It is taking shattered dreams and shriveled feelings, and expanding them to marvelous new horizons—and inspiring an expectation of success. It is taking stress and turning it into productivity and fulfilling accomplishment.

Almost no one understands what Christianity really is. Most have no idea that it can bring them supreme happiness, beyond imagination. They have no concept that it represents fullness, richness, pleasures and overflowing with plenty, both physically and spiritually. (Read our book The Awesome Potential of Man to learn more.)

Christ said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

The excitement, joy, thrill and enormous contentment that flow from this understanding dwarfs every trial, difficulty, hurdle, obstacle and problem one could face. Truly grasping this leads to why Jesus said that His way represents a life more wonderful—more abundant—than most could ever imagine!

Many are living lives filled with zeal, vigor, enthusiasm and drive—and led by hope and faith—as though final success depends on their conduct every day.

These are just a small number of the fruits growing in the lives of people who are striving to live by every word of God (Matt. 4:4; Luke 4:4).

Members of the Church are dedicated to letting their light shine in a “modern” world that so desperately needs light! In a world yearning for peace, whose inhabitants dream of a prosperous life, we offer hope to all who listen—a deep inner confidence, derived from understanding that genuinely radiant, happy lives can be a reality, and that a wonderful world is soon to come.

Here is The Restored Church of God!

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