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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Brussels vs. Berlin, End to War, Earth Not 6,000 Years Old, Human Slavery, Religion in Australia—The Real Truth™ Releases Its May-June 2014 Issue

WADSWORTH, Ohio, May 21, 2014 —The Real Truth™, a 10-issue-per-year publication distributed free of charge around the world, has published its May-June 2014 issue.


“…Neither Shall They Learn War Anymore” (p. 13)

For thousands of years, mankind’s most precious assets—time, human life, and money—have been poured into the black hole of the global war machine. Yet a day is coming when all will turn from destructive pursuits to focus on positive achievements.

Other Articles Featured in the May-June 2014 Issue


“Brussels or Berlin: Who Leads Europe?” (p. 4)

The European Union is 500-million strong. If it were a nation, it would have the third-largest population on the globe. Yet the continent remains divided, unable to emerge as the superpower it has the potential to become. Who is really calling the shots in the world’s largest economy?


“Humans for Sale—Slavery in the 21st Century” (p. 9)

The concept of someone placing a price tag on another human being paints a picture of one of the ultimate forms of evil. How, in a society that believes it has advanced beyond the barbaric practices of the past, can modern-day slavery still affect upwards of 27 million people?


“Is Religion Dead in Australia?” (p. 20)

More than one in five Australians claim no religion. Sociologists, theologians and the nation itself are struggling to grasp what this means.


“Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old?” (p. 24)

Evolutionists believe mankind, Earth and the entire cosmos are the result of evolutionary forces that began with a single event—the Big Bang—occurring billions of years ago. On the other hand, many evangelicals, some Jewish religionists, and others believe that the universe was created with just a single event 6,000 years ago. Is either view correct?


“You CAN Overcome Sin!” (p. 1)

So many seem trapped, unable to overcome—to grow in areas of weakness, fault and sin. Instead of overcoming and defeating their problems, most are overcome and defeated by them. Yet it is possible to overcome!


“Arab League Summit Reveals Continued Signs of Disunity” (p. 33)

The two-day meeting between leaders of 22 Arab nations highlighted the growing number of disputes in the region.

“Rootworm Beetle Can Now Eat GMO Corn Designed to Kill It” (p. 33)

Western corn rootworm beetles in the United States have grown immune to biotech crops that were originally designed to target the pests.

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Tailored after the former Plain Truth magazine produced by the Worldwide Church of God under Herbert W. Armstrong, The Real Truth—its successor—continues to tackle seemingly unanswerable topics, providing answers and solutions from a spiritual perspective. The magazine is backed by a history of quality and excellence, as well as a loyal group of financial supporters. It is produced by The Restored Church of God®, a nonprofit organization devoted to teaching Christ’s gospel—the GOOD NEWS of the coming KINGDOM OF GOD.

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