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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

America and Russia in Conflict, Mexico’s Escalating Drug War, the Privacy Debate—The Real Truth™ Media Lead Sheet: April 2014 Issue

WADSWORTH, Ohio, April 29, 2014 —The Real Truth, a 10-issue-per-year publication distributed free of charge around the world, has published its April 2014 issue.


“America and Russia: Another Cold War?” (p. 8)

Russia and the United States continue to be at odds on nearly every international issue, hearkening back to the Soviet era. Current events seem to support that the two could once again be moving toward another Cold War—Russian troops invading Ukraine, Moscow’s support of Bashir al-Assad in Syria’s civil war and Iran’s nuclear program, a Russian warship docking in Havana. Where is it all leading?

Other Articles Featured in the April 2014 Issue


“The New Wild West—Mexico’s Escalating Drug War” (p. 16)

Daily life in Mexico in 2014 is reminiscent of an old American Western film. Because of the rampant lawlessness and the government’s inability to meet the public’s desire for a lasting solution, the nation’s drug war is being fought by a new force—vigilantes. What could this mean for the country as a whole?


“What the Privacy Debate Reveals About Us” (p. 13)

Everyone wants privacy. Individuals, especially in Western societies, expect and feel they deserve a certain level of confidentiality. As far as they are concerned, the right to disclose information, including aspects of their lives, should be up to them. The desire for protection, however, and the ability to move about freely and safely in public is also a powerful motivator. While these two goals are often at opposite ends of the spectrum, we can learn much from the struggle between them.


“Scotland’s Independent Streak” (p. 4)

On September 18, voters will head to the polls for a referendum to decide if the country should continue as a member of the United Kingdom. Scotland perceives that it is getting the short shrift from the UK, where resources are heavily weighted toward greater London. As a result, many are starting to conclude, “We’d be better off on our own.”


“Science Confirms the ‘Give’ Way of Life!” (p. 20)

Researchers have discovered what compels us to give. A study by Jordan Grafman, director of brain injury research at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, found that different areas of the brain light up when people give, including the region that releases the pleasure chemical dopamine. New brain-scanning technology reveals that human beings are designed to enjoy helping others—a fact that runs contrary to evolutionists’ survival-of-the-fittest theory. In fact, giving is actually in our DNA.


“When Is a Christian ‘Born Again’?” (p. 1)

Most professing Christians have been taught that being “born again” occurs in this life, upon “receiving Jesus.” But this is NOT what the Bible teaches. “Born again” has nothing whatsoever to do with “professing Jesus”—or “just believing in your heart”—or “giving your heart to the Lord”—or any so-called religious experience. This does not happen at conversion—but rather, the Bible teaches that rebirth comes long after this initial step in a new Christian’s life. What does the Bible teach about this subject? And what did Jesus really say about it?


“Report: Almost Half of Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck” (p. 32)

A large segment of the American public lives with little or no savings, according to a report by the Corporation for Enterprise Development. The findings have raised concerns about the nation’s future fiscal condition as poor domestic spending habits could put large numbers of United States households in precarious financial positions.

“WHO Warns of Global Cancer Upsurge” (p. 33)

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts up to a 70 percent increase in different types of cancer cases across the world within the next 20 years, according to World Cancer Report 2014, a publication released by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer.

“Belgium Legalizes Euthanasia for Children” (p. 33)

Belgium is the first country to allow euthanasia for patients of any age. In February, the Chamber of Representatives voted 86 to 44 to allow children who are terminally ill and suffering great pain the choice of being put to death.

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