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Where Is God’s Church Today?
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Jesus said, “I will build My Church…” There is a single organization that teaches the entire truth of the Bible, and is called to live by “every word of God.” Do you know how to find it? Christ said it would:

  • Teach “all things” He commanded
  • Have called out members set apart by truth
  • Be a “little flock”

How LCG’s Teachings Differ From Those of Mr. Armstrong and The Restored Church of God

Many contact The Restored Church of God asking how we differ from the Living Church of God (LCG), with a lesser number inquiring how or if we differ from what Mr. Armstrong taught. Due to recent events, there has been a significant acceleration in such inquiries—primarily from inside LCG. While we teach exactly what Mr. Armstrong did—no matter what uninformed critics assert—we differ significantly from LCG, with the degree of difference growing steadily greater. Perhaps it is no surprise we have been given a variety of doctrinal error lists by LCG brethren and officers. Circumstances have forced us to now prepare a list—primarily changes in doctrine, but also tradition and policy—to help people who sincerely want to find the full truth and be part of the true Work of God. (Our duty to do this is explained in Mr. Pack’s extensive sermon “Watchman to Israel—Messenger to Laodicea!” Every person who cares about the truth and God’s Work is urged to hear this sermon and to read Mr. Pack’s vital book, “Anoint Your Eyes” – Christ’s Warning to His People.)

Keep this in mind as you study the list: In addition to the changes listed here, an array of other alterations of plain understanding exist in LCG, wherein sermons, telecasts and publications contain statements able to be taken in different ways so that a variety of audiences can be reached and/or appeased, and be made to feel they are hearing the “truth,” OR hearing “growth” into “new understanding.” Various sermons and publications contain examples of half-truths—not totally untrue, but so incomplete as to be misleading in position—at best.

Recognize that some will quickly dismiss this list—and probably outright. Of course, leaders must do this, and will generally choose one or both of two methods: (1) They always return to the old pattern of assassinating the character of Restored’s leader, because they could not compromise him in ways this list reveals. (Of course, no matter how careful numerous LCG members have been in handling their return to God’s Church in an ethical manner, they also were always attacked.) (2) These leaders must find fault with certain tiny aspects of the list so the more gullible will dismiss the entire list. But the evidence of gross doctrinal compromise and error is overwhelming for those who “anoint their eyes” to see—and who want to recover.

Just as Mr. Pack’s 1993 book, There Came a Falling Away, and his three “30 Reasons to Follow the Truth” sermons were not intended to personally attack the WCG leadership, neither is this list intended to personally attack the character of deceived leaders in LCG. What they may do in response is beyond our control.

No list of this sort can, in every point, be perfectly accurate in precise wording or reflect exact intent. Finding the time to carry out the enormous task of gathering all the evidence—derived from what would have to include an almost endless host of sermons, telecasts and publications—would be impossible. While absolute accuracy is also impossible, this list is very close! Also, there are a variety of other reported changes—some appalling!—that were not included here because we could not verify them. Therefore, we may update this list with other changes. Two more difficulties arise in precisely tracking LCG’s doctrinal problems: They teach so many wrong doctrines—and these are growing in number. This increase of error has to continue, and thus this list can only be seen as a snapshot in time.

Here is why conditions are certain to grow even worse. The reader must be able to connect what is happening in LCG to WHY. First, Paul stated, “a little leaven leavens the whole lump” (I Cor. 5:6; Gal. 5:9) and likened heresy to “cancer” or “gangrene” (II Tim. 2:17). These always spread! Recognizing this fact paves the way to understanding the pattern of how error always spreads. To help you see this larger pattern, we have chosen to group certain items that are generally connected. This will also help you see who is ultimately behind them (Eph. 6:12) and make it easier to comprehend why conditions MUST grow worse.

The single greatest reason for the expanding doctrinal errors in all of the splinters is carefully addressed in Mr. Pack’s two-part sermon “The Body of Christ: Why Most Are No Longer in It—But Assume They Are!” Groups and people who follow them have unwittingly cut themselves off from the “Head”—the true Christ’s leadership. This sermon clarifies not only what is occurring in the splinters, but how it started. This background introduces the first change on this list, which is directly connected to the second—both of which open the door to all the other changes. Therefore, more explanation is necessary for the first two changes:

1. The Gospel: LCG’s gospel has become a hybrid of truth and Protestantism. It has been corrupted in three distinct ways:

a) It combines Christ the Messenger with His message, the kingdom of God. Notice this from their Statement of Beliefs: “The Gospel of Christ is the ‘Good News’ of the forgiveness of our sins through Christ’s sacrifice, and of the soon-coming Kingdom and government of God,” with their commission then to “Preach, to all the nations of the world, the Gospel of the Kingdom and the true name of Jesus Christ” (Mission Statement). This “gospel” is very different from what Mr. Armstrong taught in his booklet What is the True Gospel?  First, take a moment to read Galatians 1:6-9, and the curse connected to bringing “another gospel.” Then pause and grasp the additional seriousness of what else doing this means—the grave danger of what is actually being brought into the Church with this revised “gospel.” You must understand why God places a curse on those who pervert the gospel. Next then, turn to II Corinthians 11:3-4. It explains and connects the world’s different, false “another Jesus” to “another gospel” about their “Jesus,” and all of this, in turn, is connected to “another spirit.” John labels this alien spirit the “spirit of error” (I John 4:6). This is the same spirit guiding all the churches of the world! Understand the extreme gravity here, and how it connects to the entirety of the list to follow. This very different, but very real, “another spirit” directly introduces—and is importing into LCG and UCG—the Protestant harlots’ counterfeit definition of the body of (their) “Christ.” Remember, the true Christ’s sheep know the true Christ’s voice, and can distinguish it from a strange voice spoken by another Jesus. The Protestant counterfeit is defined as follows in change #2.

b) LCG now teaches that part of its mission is to witness the name of Jesus Christ in all nations. In LCG’s mission statement (on its website under “Official Statement of Fundamental Beliefs”) is found this: “The Living Church of God, with its denominational world headquarters in the United States of America…fulfills a threefold mission: 1. To preach the true Gospel of the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:14; Matthew 24:14; Ezekiel 3 and 33), and the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 8:12) to all nations as a witness.” Of course, Mr. Armstrong never thought or spoke in such terms. This is because the Bible does not teach this. However, Protestants commonly do it. This error of “witnessing Jesus” is also synonymous with another violation of Scripture: The Bible nowhere commands Christians—and this includes ministers—to actively profess Christ, but rather always to confess Him when challenged in their belief: “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (I Pet. 3:15).

c) In the Sep.-Oct. 2006 Living Church News, an article by Roderick Meredith titled “A ‘Missing’ Part of Christ’s Gospel” makes another giant leap away from the true gospel by asserting that healing is part of it. His rationale: Since Christ’s sacrifice is part of the gospel—and part of that sacrifice was Christ’s physical beating, which made possible forgiveness of physical sins—and also since Christ healed the sick—then healing must be part of the gospel. But this cannot be found anywhere in Scripture! Yet, this is what happens where Satan leads people into even a partial focus on Christ as part of the gospel. Next naturally comes witnessing. Then comes healing. After that could be personal “evangelism,” and then on to anything else into which the devil wants to take the organization.

How soon before LCG members recognize all of this as a walk down memory lane, when it was the apostates teaching the things they are now hearing the SECOND TIME?

For more information on LCG’s perversion of the gospel—the centerpiece of the Bible—read our document, “A 3-FOLD, FALSE GOSPEL – How LCG Leaders Deceive Their Members!” (We have also prepared an extensive article that explains how LCG’s leader misapplies II Peter 3:18 to declare his new gospel is merely “growing a little bit in grace and knowledge.”)

2. The Church: LCG teaches that Christ no longer works exclusively, leading only one unified, organized, uncompromising Church. Supposedly, Christ’s Church—the same as the biblical Body of Christ—now consists of many “fellowships” or “communities of believers.” This is totally contrary to I Corinthians 1:10, 13 and 12:1-31, Ephesians 4:2-16, John 15, Matthew 12:25-30, and to what Mr. Armstrong taught about the Body of Christ. This substitute idea asserts, in effect, that Christ and His Body are now divided among many groups. This is exactly what the harlot daughters (Rev. 17:5) believe and taught to the WCG apostates. The apostates, in turn, taught the Protestant “Jesus” and his counterfeit “body” to the splinter leaders before they fled the apostasy. Here is what the reader must recognize: The Protestant world believes in a different (counterfeit) “body” of a different (counterfeit) “Christ,” emanating from an entirely different (counterfeit) “spirit”—NOT the Spirit of God. It is led by the “spirit of disobedience” that is identified in Ephesians 2:2—and sent from the “god of this world” (II Cor. 4:4)! In summary, the Living Church of God has unknowingly moved itself outside the true Body of Christ and directly into the false, Protestant “body of Christ.” The alien spirit that John and Paul spoke of—which is the leaven, cancer and gangrene referenced earlier—is what quickly destroyed the WCG. This same spirit is slowly destroying the splinters. Once again, changes #1 and #2 explain EVERYTHING that follows on this list—and WHY the spirit of error will only grow stronger and more pervasive wherever it has been permitted to enter. Mr. Armstrong strongly warned against letting the devil in even “a little bit,” because he would “push open the door since he is stronger than we.” This has happened! (Again, you are strongly urged to listen to the “Body of Christ” sermons to get the fuller picture that no one else has explained. The proof given is astonishing, and includes many detailed, crystal-clear statements from the Bible, Mr. Armstrong, the Catholics, the Protestants, the apostates—and straight from the lips of the leaders of LCG and other splinters. Then act on what you learn!)

3. It is no wonder then that LCG states that the Church now has many “branches.” (Yet, John 15:1-5 shows it is individual members in the Church or Body of Christ who are branches.) Note this statement in a sermon: “thousands more are coming into the Church of God in general, not just this fellowship. Hopefully, tens of thousands, and hopefully thousands more into this fellowship…”

4. …and that the LCG Statement of Beliefs says, “The Living Church of God, with its denominational world headquarters in the United States of America, has members in many countries…” Also, the official LCG letterhead carries the term “denomination headquarters.” Mr. Armstrong loathed—and never permitted—the term denomination in regard to the WCG, and always taught it was non-denominational.

5. …and that it is permissible to occasionally have combined services with other groups. This is accompanied by the general (but unconscious) idea that “love” is more crucial than doctrine. Just “reaching out,” “being kind” and having “genuine love” will unite God’s people.

6. …and that periodic attendance with other groups helps create “unity.”

7. …and that god’s church is no longer considered our “Mother” (see Gal. 4:26; Heb. 12:22-23; Rev. 12; II John 5).

8. Open Door Policy: In light of the above changes, it should then also be no wonder that LCG has also contravened Mr. Armstrong’s policy, and reinstituted the exact same open-door policy that the liberals brought into the Church in the 1970s. This applies to people coming to LCG from either the world or other splinters. Hence, there is a wide variety of beliefs, practices, dress, etc., throughout LCG. The WCG policy under Mr. Armstrong was to not invite one until he had proven he must adhere to the basic beliefs of God’s way, had begun changing his life and was approaching baptism. The Bible commands God’s people to come out of Babylon—not compromise with or copy it (Rev. 18:4). This is another classic way in which the alien spirit guiding the churches of the world is being welcomed into LCG.

9. The Government of God: Changes from #2 to #8 are because LCG no longer understands nor practices the greatest doctrine in the Bible—the Government of God! Volumes could be written to prove this. My book The Government of God – Understanding Offices and Duties explains their multiple government errors, as well as those of the other splinters. It is not surprising then, for instance, that LCG has moved in the direction of the next change…

10. Accreditation: Echoing the WCG liberals of the 1970s, LCG is creating an accredited, therefore secular, university. This is more than just a tragic administrative mistake—it is a doctrinal error! Here is just one statement from Mr. Armstrong on this subject: “We could now qualify for accreditation both at Pasadena and Big Sandy—but we shall not, because the GOVERNMENT of the colleges would have to be according to that which is in force in this world’s educational institutions—GOD’S government would have to go. WE ALREADY HAVE THE HIGHEST ACCREDITATION OF ALL—THAT OF ALMIGHTY GOD!” (Co-Worker Letter, March 19, 1981) More statements from Mr. Armstrong are found here.

11. The Elijah: LCG teaches that the end-time Elijah who “restores all things” to the Church will be one of the Two Witnesses, or the Elijah role may have been fulfilled by Christ.

12. MYSTERY OF THE AGES: Next, LCG teaches that MYSTERY OF THE AGES—which Mr. Armstrong called his most important book—is said to have “numerous errors.”

13. It is also not strange then that a confused LCG has introduced a very clever substitute—“restoring apostolic Christianity.” Having never understood Mr. Armstrong’s fulfillment of the Moses prophecy, this redefined mission is not only a counterfeit, it suggests that Mr. Armstrong did not lay the doctrinal foundation for Philadelphia (Mal. 4:4; Zech. 4:9).

14. …and that, directly connected to the idea that the true restoration involves the kind of miracles performed by the original apostles, and despite Revelation 3:8 stating that Philadelphia has “little miraculous power,” LCG believes that they will perform dramatic miracles, signs and wonders prior to the two witnesses. This thinking includes the idea that LCG, as a result of miracles, will experience dramatic growth and will “shake” the nations prior to the end. (Yet, only God can shake nations – Hag. 2:7.) This position reflects a growing Pentecostal-like obsession of “calling down the Spirit,” including declaring church-wide fasts “because we have not sufficiently cried out for these gifts of the Spirit” (Member Letter, March 29, 2004). This obsession becomes its own powerful evidence of the different spirit—“another spirit” or the “spirit of error”—that has entered and gripped the top LCG leadership. It also explains why so many in this group report that “Something is wrong here,” without being able to identify what it is. Without knowing why, and with the Spirit of God—the true “Comforter”—slowly receding, many find themselves increasingly uncomfortable. Grasp this fact: This discomfort is because a counterfeit “comforter” has entered LCG and is spreading, while the Spirit of God is diminishing!

15. …and that, going further, but also directly connected to this confused obsession, in classic Pentecostal fashion, healing through anointing and anointed cloths is now being freely offered to the public on a Tomorrow’s World telecast. LCG no longer even knows who God is working with—who He does and does not heal.

16. Truth Only Through Apostles: It should be no wonder that LCG rejects his oft-repeated teaching that all truth is established in the Church through apostles, never through non-apostles. (Our website contains many quotes from Mr. Armstrong explaining, repeating and reinforcing this understanding.) As per LCG’s Statement of Beliefs, “Within that biblical mandate, the Presiding Evangelist and Council of Elders of the Living Church of God, led by the Holy Spirit, have the responsibility to clarify and establish doctrine.” (Grasp this central point: To allow for any doctrinal change—any personal doctrinal agenda—it is necessary to reject both Mr. Armstrong’s fulfillment as Moses and his teaching that truth only enters the Church through apostles. Do you see this? Will you see this?)

17. It is also no wonder then that members may regularly come up with and share their own ideas.

18. …and that the ministry is encouraged to seek out “new truth.”

19. …and that “slight deviation” from official church teaching is not treated as heresy.

20. …and that at least one LCG pastor firmly believes Mr. Armstrong was not an apostle.

21. …and that Church “traditions” are subject to change (see II Thes. 2:15; 3:6).

22. …and that there are, for instance, ongoing contradictions in sermons by leading ministers doubting whether the Ten Commandments comprise the whole law—that perhaps every statute and judgment may also apply.

23. …and that the “work”—not TRUTH—largely determines where Philadelphia is found. Laodiceans do not have a “doctrinal problem.” (This is a natural conclusion to draw since all the major groups essentially believe many of the same things, with few noticing the rapid expansion of heresy in all these groups.)

24. …and that, in regards to God’s Work, LCG is merely the “spear point.” Other groups are also doing “fine works” and it has been said that LCG “may join one of them.”

25. …and that, related to no longer believing that truth enters the Church exclusively through apostles, brethren need not believe that the Work is done exclusively from headquarters, with members called to back up headquarters’ leadership (as Mr. Armstrong taught for decades). Connected to this confusion is now the encouragement to perform Protestant “community service”—a WCG apostasy holdover error that attempts to pass itself off as part of “doing the Work,” and related to “local” or “personal” evangelism. (This is a method of blending in with society, receiving the praise of men by participating in “fix the world” programs, rather than remaining separate [Rev. 18:4]. These programs were never condoned by Mr. Armstrong.)

26. …and that doctrinal dissenters may be kept in the Church and rogue ministers tolerated. Only those unwilling to compromise are disfellowshipped, with those carrying it out proclaiming that it is for “other reasons” (always linked to character assassination). Disfellowshipment for heresy and the sowing of division is no longer practiced in most groups. Most often, this action IS taken against those who will NOT compromise God’s doctrines. The nearly wholesale abandonment of this practice explains why so much heresy and division exists among the splinters. (Also, neglecting this practice is connected to the abandonment of God’s form of government. This neglect does, however, fit well with the idea that having “love” toward people spreading false doctrines is more important than preserving unity through an action that seems “unloving and abusive” to human reasoning!)

27. …and that, in a final stunning, almost breathtaking, insult to Mr. Armstrong, the LCG leader declared, “Garner Ted Armstrong did 90% of the broadcasting and telecasting, and was responsible for the greatest growth in the Worldwide Church of God” (“The Elijah Question” sermon).

28. …and that, basically consistent with the previous statement, LCG permits use of Restored’s children’s material during services, even though they have marked our leader as an enemy.

29. …and that the Key of David is government, not Israel’s identity in prophecy.

30. …and that voting is discouraged, but now permissible.

31. …and that varying degrees of birthday-keeping is up to each individual.

32. …and that Christ as the “end of the law” in Romans 10:4 no longer means “aim or goal.”

33. …and that ranks of the ministry have been altered: Local Elder, Local Church Elder and Preaching Elder, as established by Mr. Armstrong, have all been eliminated and replaced by the single office of “Elder.”

34. …and that wives of ministers may obtain full-time jobs, meaning they cannot remain 50 percent of their husband’s ministry, as Mr. Armstrong always taught.

35. Interracial Marriage: …and that interracial marriage may be unwise, but it is not wrong. In an October 28, 1996 letter, LCG’s leader stated, “We discourage interracial dating and marriage NOT as a capital sin, but as something that brings a great deal of trouble, frustration, unhappiness and sorrow.”

36. Makeup: …and that LCG believes that wearing makeup is no longer sin, but is rather merely an “administrative matter” that “Mr. Armstrong went back and forth on.”

37. Hair Length: …and that long hair on men and short hair on women (contrary to I Corinthians 11:14-15), also including ministers’ wives, are largely unaddressed.

38. …and that men may wear earrings.

39. Marrying Unbelievers: …and that baptized people may date and marry the unbaptized.

40. …and that the unbaptized may attend Passover and participate in the footwashing. Note this quote from a leading evangelist: “The conclusion was that this should not be done except for the rare exception. In such cases, it is left up to the Church pastor’s discretion to make that decision, keeping in mind the quietness and privacy of this most important occasion” (Headquarters Weekly Update, March 11, 2004).

41. The Sabbath: …and that Sabbath dress has become lax, with short, tight, low-cut dresses tolerated, contrary to I Timothy 2:9 and II Thessalonians 2:15; 3:6. Brethren are admonished to accept all of this worldly come-as-you-are Protestantism in the name of “love”—translated, “We don’t want the other splinters to think we are ‘harsh’ or ‘pharisaical.’” (Remember, “a little leaven leavens the whole lump.”)

42. …and that people may occasionally skip Sabbath attendance (or the “assembling of themselves together” – Heb. 10:25) for a variety of reasons.

43. …and that other Sabbath Service conduct is very lax—cell phone calls and youth playing board games are tolerated. General disorganization and starting late are also widespread.

44. …and that many of the standard Protestant hymns (contained in the newer WCG hymnal) are now considered acceptable.

45. …and that the shallow, familiar, worldly Jewish refrain of Mr. Armstrong’s successor—“Shabbat Shalom,” or “Happy Sabbath”—is now commonplace from the pulpit and at services. How quickly people forget!

46. …and that, like the liberals in the 70s and the apostates in the 90s, traditional Christian commentaries and publications, such as Christianity Today, are of value and may be subscribed to.

47. The Ten Virgins: For instance, it should be no wonder then that the parable of the “ten virgins” is now considered to also apply to professing Christianity, largely the Protestant world. Notice this statement, citing a worldly Bible commentary for understanding: “Who are the ten virgins?…The ten virgins have been described as ‘the expectant Christian community’ (see The Expositor’s Bible Commentary). Many who call themselves Christian today expect the Messiah to return, but the parable…indicates that many professing Christians who are looking for Christ’s return will not receive the reward they are anticipating” (“Parable of the Ten Virgins,” Living Church News [LCN], Jan.-Feb. 2002). There is no mention in this article of this parable applying directly to Laodicea—God’s people—as taught consistently for decades by Mr. Armstrong. Further, the Bible plainly reveals that the virgins have the Holy Spirit, but in a diminishing amount. Such blindness about basic understanding regarding who God even gives His Holy Spirit to! By no stretch are worldly Christians spiritual virgins—wise or foolish. For those willing to “see,” the above point and the rest of this kind of completely error-riddled article become its own astonishing proof of the blindness pervasive in the very Laodiceans themselves, and thus the leadership that would permit such an apostate-WCG-like article for publication!

48. …and no wonder then that there is the unsaid practice that “faithful members” are those loyal to the Church versus loyal to the truth.

49. Prophecy/Setting Dates: In light of change #47—demonstrating that LCG is losing a grasp of even basic prophecy, and introducing the next several changes proving this—the leader of LCG has stated that the “end of mankind’s first 6,000 years could possibly occur at—or very close to—the year 2017” (“The End is Near,” LCN, Nov.-Dec. 2004). Yet, this same man, in his “The Elijah Question” sermon, stated that it was wrong to set dates and that every time we have done so we have been wrong. Currently, this man is not only setting dates, he is, in effect, saying, “My Lord delays His coming,” because, rather than adding urgency to doing the Work, people now believe there is much more time. He has also said a few years ago that “The end of the age could be over 25 years away.”

50. Directly connected to the previous change, Daniel 9:27 is now said to refer to the seven years prior to Christ’s Return. Further, this time period supposedly begins with a treaty (covenant) between the Israelis and the European power to re-institute animal sacrifices. This agreement will be “cut off in the midst of the week,” or after 3½ years at the beginning of the Great Tribulation in approximately early 2014 (“The End is Near,” LCN, Nov.-Dec. 2004). This idea comes directly from the wildly popular prophetic novelist Tim LaHaye (co-author of the “Left Behind” series)!

51. …and that it may be said that there are five resurrections, with three “major” ones.

52. …and that the “seven times” of (Lev. 26) refers to intensity rather than duration of punishment and intensity.

53. …and that by extension of believing in “branches” of the Church, most in the splinters have come to believe that Philadelphians will only gather into one group at the time of flight to the place of safety.

54. …and that, not knowing who really leads God’s Work in the first place, it is wrong to connect names to prophesied biblical roles, duties or fulfillments. This makes it impossible to ever know who was the “watchman” (Ezek. 33:7; 3:17) of the twentieth century and who was the “messenger” to Philadelphia (Rev. 3:7)—as well as who is the final “Elijah,” who is the “watchman” of the twenty-first century and who is the “messenger” to Laodicea (vs. 14).

55. …and that 25% of the Bible, not 1/3, is prophecy.

56. Marriage Supper: …and that the Marriage Supper occurs in heaven.

57. In light of ALL of the above doctrinal confusion, it is no wonder that, in the interest of being “inclusive,” “tolerant,” “merciful” and “having love,” and because the proper meaning and use of government has been lost, many LCG ministers fear that they will be reported to headquarters if they correct and direct members in all but the most basic matters. (It is not surprising then that some rarely visit or counsel brethren.)

58. …and that there has also been a near abandonment of Matthew 18:15 as a means of solving problems between brethren. (This reflects a temperature change in many groups. It also partly reflects why so many have gone completely out of control among the splinters.)

59. …and that, ignoring I Corinthians 6:1-8, “brethren” can sue other brethren. (Of course, LCG sued GCG.)

60. Despite the willingness to change so many of Mr. Armstrong’s teachings, there is, however, a willingness to invoke his name when it can be useful. For instance, in a gross misapplication of his administrative judgment in the 1980s, all LCG brethren may now tithe on net instead of gross income—Mr. Armstrong’s judgment now applied to every country, and permanently.

61. A Tomorrow’s World broadcast suggested God had created sin—not merely “evil” as Isaiah 45:7 states.

In conclusion, astonishingly, LCG still insists that a distinguishing characteristic of its “fellowship” is that it is “continuing to preach the full Truth” and it is “upholding the foundation taught by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.” Tragically, as with the thousands in PCG who believe their leader can take titles of God, even greater thousands in LCG seem to blindly believe these declarations.

Mr. Pack’s vital article “Time Is Running Out!” is most helpful. Carrying the greatest of warnings, it comes from Chapter Twelve of his book The Work of God – Its Final Chapter! So many in the splinters are living as though the age will go on forever—but it will not! God’s final Work is foretold to be both “short” and also “cut short” (Rom. 9:28). Yet, it is foretold to reach vast millions—so this must happen QUICKLY! This article is strong! It should stir—and rekindle!—in you the fire of urgency once felt by God’s people. The entire book will lift your vision to a grander horizon most can no longer see, one connected to why you were called and to why you were born! There is a reason most cannot see time is running out. Do not miss this article

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