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Friday, September 01, 2017

The Real Truth Launches Online Daily News Outlet

For nearly 15 years, The Real Truth magazine has restored plain understanding and explained problems, symptoms and causes behind the bad, and worsening, effects filling today’s headlines. It brings readers the ultimate good news of the only possible solution—now just over the horizon.

Unique among magazines, this publication examines the overall causes of world events and trends without bias or media spin. Our writers do not take political positions for or against governments and leaders. Its stance is strictly neutral. In addition, the magazine outlines the principles of successful living, leading to greater confidence and peace of mind.

While the urgency of the times intensifies daily, the technology available to reach vast numbers with a message of hope is also rapidly evolving. Readers are increasingly getting their news online, with the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets showing the fastest growth. This trend, coupled with an ever-increasing speed of the news cycle, presents an invaluable opportunity—and we are determined to maximize every method to bring this message to all nations.

Friday, September 1, 2017, will mark a turning point for The Real Truth. Along with the continued bimonthly print edition, The Real Truth will now become a daily online news outlet, with frequent postings and updates, at

The online outlet will include everything from “as-it-happens” breaking news to in-depth articles analyzing trends and conditions, and everything in between. The print edition’s format will match this new focus, carrying a greater number of top stories, along with other features.

Real Truth readers can look forward to being better informed than ever about current events, what they mean—and where they are leading!

About The Restored Church of God

With its Headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio, The Restored Church of God announces the unknown, but ultimate message of hope to all nations. The Church, which has congregations in over 70 countries spanning six continents, freely distributes many millions of books, booklets and articles across the globe annually—many of which are available in 12 languages—and has the world’s most extensive biblically based website,

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