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Thursday, June 16, 2022

2022 Ministerial Conference

Each year, The Restored Church of God’s ministers and their wives, who serve members in over 65 nations and territories across the globe, travel to the Church’s World Headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio for a weeklong training program to better serve the membership.

Pastor General David C. Pack began the event, which occurred from June 12-16, with his Keynote Address and the State of the Work, setting the tone for the pastoral training ministers and their wives received throughout the week. Attendees participated in workshops to enhance their speaking and leadership skills, received updates on Church operations and administration, attended training lectures, and enjoyed the special opportunity to fellowship.

This was the largest ministerial conference ever held by The Church. Many were able to attend in person as travel restrictions lessened; however, those who were unable to attend onsite connected remotely, including a live-streamed tour of the Headquarters campus. Attendees remarked that this year’s conference was the most beneficial one they have ever attended, contributing to even greater unity among the worldwide ministry.

The five-day event served to inspire personal and spiritual growth in the ministry, who in turn were able to do the same for members in their pastorates.

About The Restored Church of God

With its Headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio, The Restored Church of God announces the unknown, but ultimate message of hope to all nations. The Church, which has congregations in over 70 countries spanning six continents, freely distributes many millions of books, booklets and articles across the globe annually—many of which are available in 12 languages—and has the world’s most extensive biblically based website,

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