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Friday, June 05, 2009

New World to Come Studio Complete

WADSWORTH, Ohio – June 5, 2009 – Lights, camera, action! After almost four months of renovation, the new World to Come video studio is complete.

After extensive and specialized construction—laying subfloor, hanging drywall and completing the soundproof “shell” of the studio—staff installed each of the necessary infrastructure upgrades that will dramatically enhance every broadcast’s appearance.

The most noticeable of these improvements is new furniture. Custom built and specifically sized for Mr. David Pack, the result is an elegant, yet contemporary, look.

Next, the studio was fitted with the necessary technical equipment, including microphones, lighting and audio gear. In addition, computers and software were installed and calibrated with the cameras, as the Media Production Services department took its first look through the lens at the new set.

Once everything was in place, a Cleveland-based design firm that was instrumental in the project’s planning spent an entire day fine-tuning the lighting, ensuring that every detail of the new set was used to maximum visual effect.

Viewers can see the new studio on The World to Come.

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