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Saturday, April 04, 2009

David C. Pack’s Books Now Available at Largest Online Booksellers

WADSWORTH, Ohio – April 4, 2009 – After months of planning and hard work, two of Mr. David Pack’s books, The Awesome Potential of Man and Tomorrow’s Wonderful World – An Inside View!, are available through many of the world’s largest online retailers.

Shortly after initial availability, online bookstores partnering with the Church’s publisher will begin to offer the books, making them available for wide distribution and sale. It is now available from booksellers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Books-A-Million.

Through this new avenue of availability, these books should reach a previously untapped audience.

The following are excerpts from the books’ covers...

The Awesome Potential of Man: “Perhaps the most important book written in the 21st century, The Awesome Potential of Man reveals the Bible’s greatest truth, one hidden from almost everyone. Theologians are unable to explain why man exists. Two thousand years ago Christ came as a newscaster explaining the gospel—the good news—of a coming world-ruling supergovernment.

“Prepare to be shocked—and inspired!—as David C. Pack answers directly from the Bible the most important questions confronting mankind. Learn why you were born and discover your incredible human potential!”

Tomorrow’s Wonderful World – An Inside View!: “Billions today live without hope. Yet all wish for better lives for themselves and their families. Modern civilization is overwhelmed with every conceivable problem, evil, and ill that competing, self-promoting human beings could devise! For 6,000 years, every attempt to solve these problems has failed, because man’s governments do not know the way. They can neither bring universal happiness nor the world peace that all long for.

“The Bible describes the establishment of another world, one completely different from anything ever before seen on planet Earth. This coming utopian age, which God planned long ago, will be absolutely marvelous—breathtaking to behold! It appears scripturally in exquisite detail, as a stunning, beautiful, panoramic, and previously unimagined future worldscape.”

More books will appear in the months ahead.

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