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Blair Defends New Europe

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Blair Defends New Europe

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A seemingly never-ending part of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s political career is that of defending the new Europe. The term “Eurosceptic” has been around for quite a while, but has in recent months and years been particularly popular and of issue in the UK. Many British citizens are rightfully frightened at the appearance of a new and mighty superpower on just the other side of the Channel.

Unfortunately, their leader believes otherwise: “My passionate belief in Europe is not born of any diminishing of my belief in Britain…anti-Europeanism is not British patriotism, it is an out-of-date delusion.”

This strong belief, however, may be largely due to the economic reality facing the UK: Remaining outside the EU may be just as troublesome, or even more so, than joining or remaining inside. Blair continues, “We want a union of nations, not a federal superstate, and that vision is shared by the majority of countries and people in Europe.”

This may indeed be the case, but it is unfortunately not what some in Europe envision, and ultimately not what Bible prophecy indicates. The minority who do seek a superstate are waiting patiently and will, in time, be used to fulfill that part of God’s Plan. Tony Blair—and the UK along with him—is, in the meantime, caught between two drastic decisions: Continue the EU course and slowly give national powers to Brussels (ultimately Berlin), or face the economic crunch of withdrawing.

Source: BBC News

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