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Enhanced Reading Features

Welcome to the new! This window will help you get to know the features on this page. You can close it at any time, or check off “Do not show again” to permanently hide it.

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The look and feel of our literature pages includes much more “white space.” Any unnecessary clutter has been removed. This is easy on the eyes and allows the visitor to focus on reading, and not on how to use the page.

A more usable page does not mean a lack of important features. For instance, literature can now be added to your “Request” queue. Think of this as a shopping cart that you find on other websites. The main difference is that all of our literature is free of charge and without further obligation.

By selecting “Order Free Book,” you can queue up many items that can be ordered at your convenience.

(Registered users can save their requests without the worry of losing the items when you leave our site.)

Registered users can save literature to “My Bookshelf.” Your bookshelf is a personal collection of literature on the website that you may want to read, study or order later. (This is just one of many features available to registered account holders.)

In fact, registered users can click the bookmark icon while reading to save their current location to the bookshelf. Your saved location transfers to any device you use to access the website, whether a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Paragraph before it is bookmarked

Paragraph bookmarked and automatically saved to your bookshelf

In addition to reading literature on our website or requesting a hardcopy, you can download most items for offline reading in Adobe PDF or ePub format. (Kindle/Mobi format coming soon.) You may also print any items and they will be specially-formatted to look great!

One of our most popular features is the ability to click on a Bible verse and read the entire passage with proper context. This too has been retooled.

When you click on a scripture, the Bible is conveniently docked at the bottom of your browser. It can be minimized, resized, or even popped-out into a new window.

Furthermore, you can now jump directly to passages by clicking on the verse and typing it in! This means that now has a built in Bible (King James translation), available right at your fingertips!

Many more features will be added in coming months.