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Literature Library

Welcome to the new! As you can see, our literature listing page has dramatically changed. It is now much easier to find what you are looking for. All categories are in a central location.

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Clear options and simple design were our drivers in the new navigation and Library section. In addition to finding items by format (books, booklets, articles, etc.), everything is also sorted by subject. This will allow visitors to find similar items (and registered users can save items to “My Bookshelf”).

When browsing the library (either by subject or format), you can further narrow your results by changing how items are displayed—by changing sorting, display format or both!

On the default “List” view (and in the menu on “Grid” view), all available items can be added to your Request queue without leaving the library.

Further, registered users can save items of interest to their bookshelf to read or order later.

Investigate the library, and you will find even more functions and features!