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Behind the Work 2018 – “A Grain of Mustard Seed”

In the natural world, complex marvels of life arise from tiny beginnings.

As with many physical organisms, God’s spiritual organism—His Church—also began small, yet will one day become colossal. The same is true of God’s Kingdom, which Matthew 13 shows will begin as a “grain of mustard seed.”

The Church has grown much over its 19-year history, and its Work has impacted the lives of millions. Its members continue to support the First and Second Commissions—preaching the gospel and feeding the flock.

Behind the Work 2018: A Grain of Mustard Seed provides an in-depth look at The Restored Church of God’s dramatic growth, and the powerful work being done today!

About Behind the Work: These annual documentary-style videos produced by The Restored Church of God provide a fascinating inside view into God’s Church and Work. Reminiscent of the feature-length films produced by the Worldwide Church of God in the early 1980s, this series offers a unique perspective on how the gospel and truth of God reach every nation and territory on Earth.