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Jesus said, “I will build My Church…” There is a single organization that teaches the entire truth of the Bible, and is called to live by “every word of God.” Do you know how to find it? Christ said it would:

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Your Extraordinary Impact on Our Young People

by Kenneth M. Orel, AYC Director

Every summer, the Church organizes and runs Ambassador Youth Camp. This special article shows how AYC is changing the lives of our teens.

As summer approaches each year, I get excited about something dramatic that—believe it or not—involves many of you.

Ambassador Youth Camp is a dynamic two-week summer camp designed exclusively for our teenagers.

As young people gather from all corners of the globe, they enter what I would call the beginning stages of a transformative journey. This camp helps shape them into the faithful ambassadors of Christ they are destined to become.

Campers, who range in age between 13 and 18, dedicate their efforts throughout the year to raise funds and secure donations to ensure they can attend. From lemonade stands to cutting grass, from cleaning homes to babysitting, from bake sales to stashing away every cent earned doing weekly chores around the house, they understand the impact this camp will have on their young lives. They know they must be there!

Their extraordinary fundraising efforts, along with your financial generosity, show that this is not your average summer retreat.

We now have two camps our teenagers can choose from. One is in the tranquil Poconos region in eastern Pennsylvania in the United States, and the other is in the picturesque region in the South African savannah.

AYC’s purpose is clear: to offer a sanctuary from the pressures and chaos of the world for two weeks and to provide a platform for understanding God’s compelling way of life.

What Makes AYC Different

These camps offer the usual traditional activities such as swimming, volleyball and kayaking. Yet they also introduce other, more beneficial areas of personal enrichment such as nutrition classes, photography, outdoor survival skills, hands-on experiences with wildlife, and team-building exercises.

During camp, we go beyond the usual activities and elements and strive to help kids understand the nature of God. Our beliefs are rooted in the Bible, which teaches us that God is full of life, possesses a limitless capacity for creativity, and thinks differently from the “god of this world” (II Cor. 4:4). This further separates AYC from any other camp experience.

We place a strong emphasis on Christian living classes that instill practical skills while teaching them about the God who created them. Through fun and discovery, we transform our kids into well-adjusted and confident leaders.

This past summer, a teen shared with a staff member that his most cherished camp experience was discovering what God expects from him based on Psalm 139. After learning God uniquely designed him—instead of just by chance—he felt motivated to set clear goals to fully develop his personal talents so he could better benefit others and himself.

This is just one example of how AYC expands minds, preparing young people to desire a better world filled with peace and exciting opportunities for everyone. Our teenagers learn to look forward to the coming new world governed by Jesus Christ—the Kingdom of God. They also learn to live God’s Way, which brings both lifelong and eternal blessings.

For over 15 years, we have been investing in and preparing the next generation for productive lives through the AYC experience. The development of our two camps speaks volumes to the Church’s collective vision of caring for the next generation on a global scale. The fruits produced from this approach are evident to all those who encounter our campers and staff.

After watching our kids from a distance this summer, the owners of one of the camp locations were shocked by the conduct of our young people. To him, the campers’ care and concern for the property and the friendliness of our group was a breath of fresh air. He commented, “Our kitchen has never been so clean and orderly,” and, “Your kids are just different in how they behave.” Such comments are further proof that emphasizing godly principles produces godly conduct.

Looking Ahead

As we plan next year’s AYC, we envision even greater growth for both campers and staff. Your generous support has turned the dreams of these teens into a reality. With each passing camp, we are sowing seeds of promise and potential that will flourish in the years to come.

We extend our deepest gratitude to each member, subscriber, co-worker and donor who made this journey possible. One member’s quote keeps me working to make this camp the best ever each year: “I will continue to contribute each year because I see the changes in God’s little ones.”

Your generous support and contributions to Ambassador Youth Camp have helped shape young lives and plant the seeds of positive change.

Training the next generation is a tremendous undertaking. We thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey.