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The Soon-coming Antichrist—Unstoppable World Tyrant!

A powerful Antichrist will arise to rule the world just before Jesus Christ returns. His power and reach are infinitely beyond anything you could imagine. You must understand what the Bible reveals is coming, and how to know the Antichrist’s arrival is close!

33:08 Bible Prophecy
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The ANTICHRIST – All-powerful, Worse Than Any Expect—and Close!

The Bible teaches that an Antichrist will appear just before the Return of Christ. Evangelical Christians most often speak of “the Antichrist is coming!” They see this figure as affecting “the masses who do not know what to look for” and who are spiritually “not ready for the rapture.” Such people themselves have absolutely no idea what to look for, and if they did, the Bible teaches nothing about a rapture.

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