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Personals from the Editor

Personals from the Editor

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How God’s Kingdom Will Come

Consider today’s world! Advances in technology and industry have never been greater. What was once science fiction is now everyday reality. Material prosperity abounds for millions of people across the Western world. But what about the half of mankind—billions!—who have little or nothing? And what about mankind’s rapid decline in values, morals and character—once believed to be the most vital underpinnings of any society? Is the human race equipped…

You Can Overcome Sin!

Through the years, I have pastored thousands who have been called to God’s Way. All struggled against the pulls of the flesh and the temptations of Satan and his world. Some overcame. Others did not.

December 2010
Dec 3 International World News Report: November
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November 2010
Nov 2 Salvation & the Plan of God The Human Mind—What None Can Discover
Nov 1 International World News Report: October
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September 2010
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July 2010
Jul 12 Society & Lifestyles The Seven Laws to Success
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June 2010
Jun 10 Salvation & the Plan of God The Kingdom of God—What No One Knows!
Jun 7 Prophecy Are We in the Last Days?
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May 2010
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March 2010
Mar 10 Basic Bible Truths Why Must There Be Human Suffering?
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January 2010
Jan 10 Prophecy Did God Send Nostradamus?
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Christ Foretold “Wars, Rumors of Wars and Commotions”—Here Now!