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Secret Plans Could Establish Europe as a World Superpower

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Secret Plans Could Establish Europe as a World Superpower

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European Union strategists secretly met to draw up plans to establish the EU as a legal entity, removing the group from being merely a symbolic “European Community.” With the Lisbon Treaty, the move will allow the EU to operate on behalf of member-states (regardless of their support), establish embassies and pass legislature on crime, foreign policy and defense.

The Lisbon Treaty, a document containing many points from a failed 2005 European constitution, streamlines decision-making by establishing a president over the European Council and enhancing Europe’s stance as a unified superpower.

Lorraine Mullally, the director of independent think-tank Open Europe, told the Telegraph that the move is “a huge transfer of power which makes the EU look more like a country than an international agreement.”

The two-part Real Truth article series, “The European Counterweight – Part 2: Will a Strongman Fill the Void?,” touched upon this in 2006, under the subhead “A Future EU Foreign Minister?”:

“To do away with bureaucratic confusion and institutional frictions, and to establish a stronger foreign policy presence, the EU Constitution introduced the creation of a future office: EU Minister for Foreign Affairs. This individual’s role would be to represent the EU’s foreign interests and positions—to allow the 25 [now 27] member-states of Europe to speak with one voice and act jointly in international affairs.

“The future EU foreign minister would also be vice-president of the European Commission, responsible for external relations—development issues, human rights, foreign and security policies, etc.—and chair the Foreign Affairs Council.

“To assist in carrying out the functions of this office, the EU Constitutional Treaty calls for the creation of the European External Action Service (EEAS), which would be an administrative body the foreign minister would preside over, and from which he would appoint EU ambassadors.

“Issues have already arisen, such as working out and agreeing to the foreign minister’s powers and duties; deciding if he will have his own independent secretariat, or be part of the Council or the Commission; and determining whether he should be authorized to represent the EU in trade and development policy.

“Suppose that this new office successfully allows Europe to carry out its foreign policy and interests speedily and effectively. Would EU leaders conclude that a similar office needs to be created—one that would handle Europe’s internal affairs?”

Even China recognizes that a united Europe will change the global landscape, as the eastern nation competes with the United States for global superpower status. Seeking to capitalize on Europe’s profitable new currency, China has been working to develop joint foreign policies with the EU. Both sides already share advancements in nuclear technology, communication via mapping satellites and military defense technologies.

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