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Majority of Married Women Would Choose Different Husband

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Majority of Married Women Would Choose Different Husband

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A recent AOL online survey conducted by Woman’s Day Magazine uncovered several startling realities about the condition of marriage in America. More than 50% of married women were “not sure” they would marry their husbands again. Perhaps more troubling was the admission by one-third of women that, if given the opportunity, they would “definitely” not choose the same husband.

These telling numbers are even more disturbing when coupled with the following admission: One-third of these self-described desperate housewives admitted “they don’t have time for sex with their husbands.” Yet inexplicably, 75% did find time to fantasize about men other than their husbands—and almost 40% acknowledged “constantly flirting” outside their marriage.

Contributing further to the mistrust and breakdown of the marital bond, almost half of married women suspect their husbands are actively cheating or had literally caught them in the act of extramarital sex. Perhaps this sad reality contributes to women spending significant “fantasy time” with certain high profile movie stars. 

As Americans today—both husbands and wives—invest less time in their marriages, is it any wonder that the institution of marriage is crumbling? Not surprisingly, the women queried found time to think about celebrity matches. Living vicariously through the rich and famous (while at the same time investing less time in their own marriages), women are apparently quite interested in which celebrities would make the best couples.

This survey indicates that married women are spending considerable time pursuing meaningless and sometimes harmful endeavors while neglecting their own real relationships. This is a sad testament to the priorities of married couples today.

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