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Welcome to!

Welcome to the new! We are excited to introduce a cutting-edge design, utilizing some of the most advanced web technologies—as well as introducing features found nowhere else online!

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You will want to take time to explore the new site and register for an account, which will open up many additional features specially designed for regular visitors.

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Regular visitors to our website will immediately notice the greatly simplified navigation.

The Library section organizes our hundreds of books, booklets, articles, Q&As, Bible Introduction Course lessons, brochures and magazines in a clear and easy to access manner. Items can be accessed by format (books, booklets, articles, etc.) or by subject. Additional filters and sort options make it very easy to find what you are looking for—and also other items that may be related!

About Us contains everything you would want to know about The Restored Church of God.

The News tab automatically indicates when we post news items or the site is updated (for registered users).

My Bookshelf is one of our most exciting new features. This private, personal bookshelf allows you to save items for future reading or ordering, organize items you want to read, and even keep track of how far you have read inside of individual pieces of literature—a custom feature found on no other website!

The Requests tab is our version of a shopping cart found on many e-commerce websites. The difference is that all of our literature is free of charge and without further obligation. Select items you would like us to ship to your home, and order with just a few clicks. (We have made the process even faster for registered users!)

While Search was popular on our old site, it has been hyper-charged! When researching a question, topic or term, the search box will automatically suggest searches and questions that will best help you find what you are looking for. Search will also indicate popular and recommended searches to assist you in getting started.

The look and style of search results have been greatly improved. Many of the features found in the Library are also available on the Search page.

No matter if you prefer to use a menu or search for a topic, the new website will help you find what you are looking for faster. With the power of My Bookshelf you can read items now, or save them on your bookshelf for later.

We are mobile ready! Incorporating the design methodology of “responsive design,” automatically adjusts to the type of device accessing it. This means that whether you visit our site on your smartphone, tablet or computer, all content and features will be available. This needs to be experienced to be believed!

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Space only allows a small sample of the incredible new features that make into the ultimate Bible study resource.

Watch for even more features to be released in weeks to come!