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Behind the Work 2016 – “Becoming Righteous Judges”

Countless governmental structures and legal systems have been created by mankind. Yet, none have succeeded in bringing true justice to human lives.

Bible prophecy reveals that God will soon bring His perfect rule over all people and nations. Today, His unified Church powerfully proclaims its arrival.

Behind the Work 2016: Becoming Righteous Judges shows God’s amazing plan for preparing leaders to be used in His Kingdom.

The film provides a comprehensive look at the worldwide Work of The Restored Church of God, and how it is leading many new members to the opportunity to be a part of God’s advance leadership team.

It also details the stunning advancements made over the past year—in campus development, video technology, statistical surges, and much more. Prepare to be inspired!

About Behind the Work: These annual documentary-style videos produced by The Restored Church of God provide a fascinating inside view into God’s Church and Work. Reminiscent of the feature-length films produced by the Worldwide Church of God in the early 1980s, this series offers a unique perspective on how the gospel and truth of God reach every nation and territory on Earth.