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British Backpackers Linked to STD Increase in Australia

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British Backpackers Linked to STD Increase in Australia

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Recent studies indicate that British backpackers are engaging in risky, promiscuous lifestyles while vacationing in Australia, increasing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The report, by John Moores University in Liverpool and Australia’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, paints a sobering picture.

In the international journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, the study’s British and Australian authors stated, “A survey of more than 1,000 backpackers at hostels in Sydney and the tropical northern mecca of Cairns found that British backpackers often had triple the number of sexual partners they would have normally at home, even if they were not single on arrival. Over a third (39.7 percent) had multiple partners in Australia, increasing to 45.7 percent in those arriving single” (Reuters).

Research found that among vacationing singles, over 40 percent used condoms inconsistently and 24 percent engaged in unprotected sex with multiple partners.

In a separate study conducted in Australia, researchers found that among backpackers, 3.1 percent men and 3.9 percent women had chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease.

Over 700,000 tourists visit Australia each year. Many are backpackers who spend up to a year in the country, with thousands overstaying their visas.

“Immigration Minister Chris Evans says many of those who overstay their visas in Australia are young English lads who are having too good a time” (Daily Telegraph).

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