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Europe in Crisis

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Europe in Crisis

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As has been reported here before, Europe has been approaching, and may now be at, a socio-political crisis. William Pfaff wrote: “It involves the political and organizational complexities of a measured yielding of sovereignties, but its roots are in the cultural and even moral identity and allegiance of millions of individuals.”

The crisis centers around the ratification of the new European Constitution, which has been completed by several of the smaller EU member-states, as well as Italy, but has yet to be done by the major states, some of which will hold national referendums first.

For example, in France, a founding nation of the EU heavily involved in the new constitution, recent polls suggests that their referendum (to be held May 29) will not pass with a favorable vote. Some analysts believe that these referendums will have little to do with the actual constitution. Most have not read it, and national media outlets have superimposed other issues on the vote. Does it, for example, “Americanize” Europe? Does it strengthen Europe against threats from the U.S. or Russia? The people of Western Europe generally feel one way, while those in Eastern Europe differ.

It is understood that Europe is more than an economic system. It has progressed too far to be any less, and Bible prophecy clearly indicates otherwise. The likely outcome of some EU member-states’ inability to ratify the constitution is the appearance of several “Europes”—one of which will prove to be dominant.

Source: The International Herald

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