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Art Show: Europe New “Roman Empire”

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Art Show: Europe New “Roman Empire”

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A pop-art collage, in a tent outside the European Commission in Brussels, narrates 50 years of EU history and projects the future, stating that the European Union is poised to overtake the U.S. and become the premier superpower. Segments of the piece, sketched across 80 yards of canvas, predict that the 21st century will belong to Europe as it expands its border deep into Eurasia, North Africa and the Middle East, dominating world affairs through its vast “legal and moral reach.” The piece was presented under a heading “Roman Empire returns.” According to an article in The Telegraph, “...the display is not a formal expression of EU policy but it captures views that can be heard every day in the corridors and canteens of the Union's institutions.” Formally, it was coordinated by the European Commission and sponsored by the European Council. The EU's current Dutch presidency said yesterday it was designed to reduce Europe's “iconographic deficit” by conjuring up forceful images.

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