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Russia Flexes Military Muscle

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Russia Flexes Military Muscle

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During a Moscow conference of Russian military leaders, both the President and Defense Minister issued chilling statements regarding their country's military capabilities. Firstly, Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov insisted that Russia (along with the U.S.) would not rule out the use of pre-emptive strikes anywhere in the world, if national interests were at stake. In another statement, “national interests” included any Russian alliances.

Secondly, President Vladimir Putin assured that the Russian military still possessed a fearsome nuclear arsenal. “Their combat characteristics, including the surmounting of any systems of anti-missile defenses, are unrivaled,” he said, adding that the arsenal included many strategic nuclear missiles never before deployed.

In addition, a report released at the conference by the Russian Defense Ministry called on NATO to review its strategy (particularly its eastward expansion), warning that it may force Russia to consider “a radical reconstruction of Russian military planning, including changes in Russian nuclear strategy.”

Sound familiar? Many have insisted that the Cold War has ended—but it seems as though it is only warming up...

Source: BBC News

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