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Europe Must Replace Unsustainable U.S. Power

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Europe Must Replace Unsustainable U.S. Power

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In preparation for the release of articles from the Convention on the Future of Europe, which will eventually become law (in the form of their Constitution and otherwise), European politicians are warning each other (and preparing the public) that drastic changes to their foreign and security policy are inevitable. Former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton points out that the U.S., with its heavy borrowing, huge trade deficit and mounting pension bill, cannot sustain its current power. And Europe, Bruton implies, must be proactive in dealing with this situation.

Bruton also pointed out that America’s social problems will further intensify their economic ones, saying, “They have an excellent elite but the middle rank is not well educated.” He went on to indicate that the aftermath of the Iraqi conflict would be more significant than the war itself. “Occupation will drain them,” and if, in the event they get bogged down, he adds, “they can spend as much as they like on defence, [but] it won’t work.”

Source: The EU Observer

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