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“Kaiser-like” President Leading Europe?

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“Kaiser-like” President Leading Europe?

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The United Kingdom continues to express concern over Germany’s proposal and insistence that there be a stronger, “Kaiser-like” president for the European Union. German Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer is pushing for one president for both the European Commission and the European Council, which would essentially make him a very powerful president of Europe. The UK strongly opposes such a plan, to the point where their Europe Minister, Denis MacShane, recently reminded German President Gerhard Schröder that the British decapitated such a figure (i.e. Charles I) 350 years ago.

Public utterance of such strong language may indicate a sense of insecurity on the part of the British. As a nation, they are economically desperate to maintain strong connections with the EU, even at the expense of their British pound. The Blair administration is also politically desperate to maintain its stronghold, allaying public fears by downplaying the recent renewal of the Franco-German motor, while at the same time expressing legitimate concerns as stated above, regarding the direction of Europe.

Interestingly, MacShane had this to say as he headed out to sell Europe to the UK population: “To understand what is happening in Europe, whether it’s the Common Agricultural Policy or the slowness of economic reform, you’ve got to understand the position of the churches, the Conservative party in Germany, and what it’s like to have a tradition of small, rural, peasant economies where men’s output hasn’t changed much since Zola wrote about them.”

France and Germany are expected to release a declaration later this month on the 40th anniversary of the Franco-German alliance, calling for even stronger cooperation between the two nations. This will include the formation of a “top official” in charge of the alliance, and might even involve the unprecedented “sharing” of ministers in each government’s cabinet meetings.

It has been reported that German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer may have his eyes set on becoming president of the European Commission in 2004, which would fulfill, according to a political scientist at Mainz University, a “lifelong aim.”

The Vatican has been assured the European Constitution will pay homage to the Catholic Church. In addition, the Pope has received a formal invitation to address the European Parliament to “shake consciences.”

Source: Financial Times

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