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How This Magazine Is Supported

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How This Magazine Is Supported

In a world awash with a variety of sources of information—Internet news, newspapers, periodicals, email updates, daily television and cable shows—The Real Truth cuts through the opinions, ideas, theories and biases of individuals, bringing answers—and hope! Who produces this singular publication, and why?

Learn the why behind the headlines.

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Often letters filled with questions find themselves on the desks of Real Truth staff: What is this magazine? What is its angle? Who supports it? How can it all be free? What is the catch?

The Real Truth not only details society’s rampant problems, it also explains the solutions. Using the Bible as a lens to view world events is a perspective many find odd, spurring questions such as: What does the Bible have to do with today or with my life?

Each issue of this magazine provides answers to today’s troubles—and points to a time when mankind will enjoy great peace, abundance and prosperity! The Real Truth is a vehicle to deliver this message, giving this publication a purpose—and drive!—like no other.

In addition to its relevant content, this magazine is backed by a history of quality and excellence, as well as a loyal group of financial supporters.

The first issue of The Real Truth, February 2003.

World Events Explained

Bad news—and trivial escapism “news”—fills television screens and publications the world over. As a result, The Real Truth stands apart, bringing to light important issues of the day and explaining the solutions to these problems—how and why change will happen. In addition, it contains information on how to lead a more successful and fulfilling life.

Each issue covers a broad range of topics—articles explaining the root cause of war; what is wrong with the weather; what will come of events in Europe; why earthquakes are increasing; why science has failed to bring the utopia all long for; how and why racism and bigotry will soon disappear; where the world economy is going; what lies ahead for all nations; the value of right ethics; the definition of true character; the real cause of the moral crisis in the West; what is wrong with modern education; why so many seek escape and pleasure; the definition of true success, and much more.

In addition to addressing world trends, problems and events, The Real Truth gives practical answers to problems dealing with the family unit and how to properly rear children.

Other articles explain how the worldwide void of great leaders will be filled; how peace will come in our time; how to end all your financial worries; why new diseases are appearing and older ones are reappearing, this time resistant to medication and vaccines; and whether the United Nations is the ultimate answer to the problems plaguing mankind.

The Real Truth brings plain understanding to the insoluble problems now overwhelming mankind, and points to the lasting peace of a coming world, just over the horizon. We explain why there are thousands of differing, and disagreeing, forms of “Christianity,” and why religion has failed to solve the world’s great troubles.

Tailored after the former Plain Truth magazine, The Real Truth—its successor—continues to tackle seemingly unanswerable topics, providing answers and solutions from a spiritual perspective.

How Can This Be Free?

The Real Truth magazine, which provides quality articles and up-to-date news briefs and analyses, is produced by The Restored Church of God®, a non-profit organization devoted to practicing God’s way of life—the way of give, of outgoing concern for others, versus the world’s way of get, looking out for self first. The Restored Church of God is dedicated to teaching Christ’s gospel—the good news of the kingdom of God (Mark 1:14-15)—to “all the world for a witness unto all nations” (Matt. 24:14).

This is how it is being accomplished:

  • The Real Truth (back issues are available here).

  • The World to Come™ with David C. Pack program answers crucial questions facing mankind: Where is the world going?—Why is it filled with problems, troubles, evils and ills, causing unhappiness, confusion and misery of every kind?—What lies ahead?

  • The Restored Church of God has the largest biblically based website on earth, offering a vast array of tools to guide people seeking plain answers to the greatest questions.

Unlike other religious organizations, there is nothing to buy. Following Christ’s instruction, “Freely you have received, freely give,” we offer everything free of charge.

Also, unlike other religious organizations, The Restored Church of God never solicits the public for financial support. Dedicated members, co-workers and donors voluntarily support this Work of preaching the gospel through tithes, offerings and donations. They recognize the abundant blessings promised by God to all who obey His financial law of tithing: “Bring you all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in My house, and prove Me now herewith, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” (Mal. 3:10; also read verses 8-9).

This magazine, through the publishing power of the Internet and other means, is spreading the gospel at a rate and efficiency the world has never seen. Every week, hundreds of thousands of people now learn as much as they want, when they want. Every nation and territory has access to learning sound, proven principles, helping many to live happier lives.

Christ commanded His disciples to “teach all nations…to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” (Matt. 28:19-20). The Restored Church of God understands the need to spread a clear, plain and real message—to reach out to a struggling, suffering world. This magazine delivers that message!—the good news of the soon-coming kingdom of God—even to hard-to-reach nations such as Zimbabwe, Somalia, North Korea and others.

This age of competition, greed and strife will soon give way to the wonderful world tomorrow, which will be ruled by the government of God at Christ’s Return. This is the good news this magazine is delivering month after month, and it is this message that a dedicated number of people are financially supporting. (To learn more, read Here Is The Restored Church of God and Which Is the True Gospel?)

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