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Canadian Earthquake Shakes the Region

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Canadian Earthquake Shakes the Region

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A 5.0-magnitude earthquake shook parts of eastern Canada and the northeastern United States early in the afternoon on June 23, causing moderate damage to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake occurred 10.2 miles below the earth’s surface in Canada’s Ontario-Quebec border region.

The quake’s depth meant it was felt long distances from the epicenter, including the American cities of Cleveland, Boston and New York. The tremor in those areas was relatively mild, with no reported damages.

In Ottawa, however, CTV Ottawa reported that near the quake’s center, a 50-foot-wide and 1,000-foot-long chasm opened on a farmer’s land, moving his barn 150 feet.

CBC News reported that the quake also caused damage to a local church, town hall building and other structures. Some streets were closed to prevent injuries, and many employees were sent home for the day. North of Ottawa, a section of highway near Bowman collapsed into a river, shutting down that route.

Experts reported that earthquakes do not happen often in the region. “Earthquakes are fairly uncommon here,” Morgan Moschetti, a seismologist with the USGS told the Globe and Mail. “This isn’t totally unheard of, but they are relatively infrequent.”

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