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Iran’s Missile Launch Site Points to North Korea

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Iran’s Missile Launch Site Points to North Korea

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Satellite images of a missile launch site discovered in Semnan, a province in northern Iran, suggest North Korea is aiding Iran’s missile program, according to London defense intelligence group IHS Jane’s.

The defense group’s assessment of recent satellite images revealed that the Semnan site “appears midway towards completion” and demonstrates “the likelihood of collaboration with North Korea in Iran’s missile programme.”

The report continued: “The platforms seen on the new gantry tower resemble those seen on the gantry tower at North Korea’s new launch pad at Tongchang. A drainage pit 170m directly in front of the pad also mirrors one at Pyongyang’s new west-coast launch site.”

Iran insists that its missile and nuclear programs are not for military use, while North Korea denies involvement in either Iranian program.

Starting in 1996, Israel has repeatedly suggested that North Korea and Russia have been involved in Iran’s missile program.

IHS Jane’s report concluded “that given these investments in its missile infrastructure, and despite the United States attempting to garner support for further sanctions against Iran for its nuclear programme, Tehran appears determined to continue developing its missile and rocket capabilities in the foreseeable future.”

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