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Chlamydia Cases Jump for UK Teens Under 16

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Chlamydia Cases Jump for UK Teens Under 16

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Last year, United Kingdom government officials detected 2,020 cases of chlamydia among 15-year-olds, due to unsafe underage sex practices. Recent government numbers reveal a growing incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among teens.

The numbers, compiled from the National Chlamydia Screening Program and genitor urinary medicine clinics, showed that all STI cases among children 16 years and under were up 58 percent to 3,913 from 2003 to 2007.

Chlamydia, which often does not present immediate symptoms, can lead to infertility and abnormal pregnancy.

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrats party health spokesman, who requested the numbers from the House of Commons, said, “The number of youngsters contacting STIs is very disturbing. Children must be informed about the risks involved in sexual relationships and taught how to be safe” (The Guardian).

The UK government claims STI cases are up due to improved testing methods, a stance some parliament officials think is dangerous.

Mr. Lamb continued: “The Government has slashed public health spending over recent years. This short-sightedness is putting a whole generation at risk of a sexual health crisis” (ibid.).

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