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Computer Game Reveals Darkness of Human Nature

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Computer Game Reveals Darkness of Human Nature

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Society, apparently, is no longer satisfied with computer games that allow players to steal virtual cars, destroy property, attack people, and cause general mayhem. Human nature yearns for more.

Enter game makers in Japan, who offer the world a “game” that enables players to prey upon and sexually assault computer-generated women! Players can now unleash human nature’s darkest desire, all from the privacy of their homes.

Truly, society has reached a new low in degeneracy—and man’s downward spiral into depravity is far from done.

How can the lessons of Columbine-like school massacres be forgotten? Mass murderers, who killed students and teachers alike, were disgruntled students who had gained their shooting precision—and callousness toward human life—from endless hours of playing “shooter” computer games.

Today, marriages are failing due to “virtual adultery” (read our article “The Pursuit of Happiness…in a Second Life”).

Of course, there are naysayers who insist there is no correlation between school massacres and violent computer games. But they miss the point: Human nature is ever present; games that feed into its desires, in effect, help open a “Pandora’s Box” revealing man’s true self. (Read our booklet, Did God Create Human Nature?, to learn more about the nature in man.)

With games that essentially teach players how to sexually attack women, all it takes is one demented mind who concludes that his carnal appetite is left unsatisfied. Such a person will turn his desires toward the physical world.

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