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Today’s Problems: What Everyone Misses

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Today’s Problems: What Everyone Misses

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The world is now at the point you would expect it to be before the imminent arrival of the Kingdom of God. Problems have grown worse, as if they were on a clock ticking toward Christ’s Return. Every corner of the globe is experiencing turmoil, with no solution in sight. There are individual problems that are too much for man’s governments to solve—let alone solve so many, and at the same time!

Think of society like an old car. At a point, it is constantly breaking down and cannot be repaired. All of its component parts are worn out. It either needs a complete overhaul—or to be scrapped and replaced altogether. God has a plan to replace the rotten, pagan foundations of this world with its many gods and set up what all mankind is longing for more than ever, knowingly or unknowingly.

Lead headlines worldwide make plain the world is on an irreversible course of destruction. But lesser-reported stories—hundreds or thousands per day—show just how broken the world truly is. A few moments of surfing the web paints the graphic picture in article titles alone. You can find an endless number more...

• “A new breed of brazen takeover robbers hitting California luxury retailers, raising ire” (Los Angeles Times). Waves of masked thieves with hammers descended on high end stores, looting everything of value and terrifying employees and customers.

• “Afghanistan’s economic meltdown following the Taliban’s takeover 100 days ago is pushing destitute families to marry off young daughters—and even baby girls, campaigners say” (Reuters).

• “Dollar Tree hikes prices 25%. Most items will cost $1.25” (CNN). America’s best known “dollar store” can no longer survive without dramatically increasing prices across the board, a testament to the dire state of the economy.

• Thinking of the Olivet prophecy, “A swarm of more than 40 earthquakes in 24 hours is causing a buzz in the Northwest U.S.” (CNN). The article goes on to say, “The sheer number of magnitude 5.0 or greater quakes in the region triples the annual average (three 5.0+ quakes per year) since 1980, according to the USGS database.”

God says this to His people: “I will visit you, and perform My good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you…thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall you call upon Me, and you shall go and pray unto Me, and I will hearken unto you. And you shall seek Me, and find Me, when you shall search for Me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:10-13).

But instead of turning to God for help, mankind feebly attempts to solve problems that threaten its very existence. Major catastrophe looms at every turn. Here is a recent shocking example, as reported by CBS News, “NASA is launching a small probe…that will crash head-on into a small asteroid next fall at some 15,000 mph to test the feasibility of one day nudging a threatening body off course just enough to prevent a catastrophic impact on Earth…The 525-foot-wide target asteroid, known as Dimorphos, is actually a small moon orbiting a half-mile-wide parent body named Didymos. Neither poses any threat to Earth, either before or after the DART encounter.” That mankind must now grapple with existential threats of this magnitude should be the ultimate wake-up call. But it is not! Now think of this maneuver and how deluded man still trusts himself to save himself.

Civilization on its own is hopeless, cut off from God in this present evil world (Gal. 1:4). It does not understand that only by seeking God will it ultimately survive—and thrive! Co-workers and subscribers may wish to request my booklet What Is Your Reward in the Next Life? to learn more. God’s Plan alone can focus humanity on the astounding life that the Creator wants for every person! It is free—online or in hardcopy form—made possible by the tithes and offerings of members, co-workers and donors who voluntarily aid and support this Work of God around the world.

But humanity right now believes it is invincible—that it can solve any problem—that it will always rise to new and greater heights. Continent after continent is witnessing the conditions Christ foretold would precede His arrival—and in BIG ways. Yet the leaders of this world—the only ones who have the power to make real progress—simply cannot find the answers. Proof of this came just weeks ago when leaders from scores of nations met at two separate conferences to tackle an issue mankind has deemed most important: climate change.

The G-20 was first held in Rome, Italy, followed by the COP26 held in Glasgow, Scotland. Aside from a few photo-ops, the meetings were largely unproductive. Environmentalists around the globe who sought hard and fast commitments from the world’s leading nations were angered by the lack of progress.

While mankind is fixated on resolving the “climate crisis,” God long ago said He would, “open unto you His good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto your land in his season” (Deut. 28:12). Conversely, He warned that disobedience would “make the rain of your land powder and dust: from heaven shall it come down upon you, until you be destroyed” (vs. 24). Only the arrival of God’s Kingdom will bring lasting change to the world’s climate and all the issues we will now detail.

While world leaders focus their attention on the impact of carbon emissions, real threats of full-scale war in Asia look more likely by the day. Russian President Vladimir Putin has amassed more than 90,000 troops in preparation for conflict with Ukraine. (Some estimates put this number much higher.)

CNN reported earlier this week, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has built military capacity on the border of Ukraine that is ‘much larger and on a much more lethal scale’ than preceded Russia’s 2014 invasion of Crimea, Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland said Tuesday, warning of severe risks to Moscow if it invades Ukraine. Moscow has positioned approximately 100 tactical groups and nearly all its ready ground forces based west of the Urals at different spots along its border with Ukraine, Nuland told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. ‘Much of this comes right out of Putin’s 2014 playbook,’ Nuland said, ‘but this time, it is much larger and on a much more lethal scale.’” Ms. Nuland further explained that Russian forces are surrounding Ukraine on three sides—a tactic she said has never been seen before.

The United States president warned Mr. Putin against military action and threatened sanctions “like he’s never seen.” Few believe such a warning will deter a superpower with a deep and longstanding fixation on the Ukraine. Although threats of war are evident in Asia, regions of Africa are being decimated by actual war.

Ethiopia’s civil war (between the nation’s military and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front) has resulted in thousands of deaths, atrocities committed on both sides, over 2 million displaced, and looming famine for about 400,000. Now over one year long, the conflict is only intensifying.

The nation’s military has struck training sites, military manufacturing factories and other targets, resulting in at least 10 civilian deaths, including children, prompting a nationwide state of emergency for the next six months. Ethiopia’s prime minister appealed to citizens to “organize and march through any legal manner with every weapon and power…to prevent, reverse and bury the terrorist TPLF” (BBC). He also declared, “Dying for Ethiopia is a duty for all of us” (CBS News). The U.S. suspended Ethiopia’s access to duty-free trade due to human rights violations and warned of potential sanctions. Additionally, hundreds of Tigrayans and some UN staff members were arrested.

Again, let’s ask: What could put an end to these conflicts around the world? Leaders and heads of state have not found the solution. Without God’s supernatural intervention, wars and rumors of wars like the ones just described would continue in perpetuity! And so would all other troubles plaguing the world.

Just a thousand miles north of Ethiopia, the lack of water in Jordan has come to a point of dire emergency. Jordan is the second most water-scarce country in the world, according to UNICEF. Lower rainfalls, depleted ground water and increased population due to arrivals of refugees from Syria have all contributed to a looming water catastrophe. As wells run dry, many rely on water deliveries from the government, however they are expensive and not always available. Some try to collect rainwater to use. One farmer said, “Today I might farm and there will be water. Another day, I can’t farm because there is no water…No one knows what to grow any more. The tomato yield is bad, and onions are the same. Every farmer in Al Ghor is at zero” (Al Jazeera).

There are many nations facing COVID lockdowns, and the resistance is POWERFUL! Demonstrations have recently happened in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Guadeloupe (one of France’s overseas territories), Italy, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Thousands also rallied in the Australian cities of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Many are also protesting vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. Some demonstrations turned violent as protestors threw rocks, set off fireworks, and set police cars on fire. Police responded with water cannons, tear gas, and fired warning shots.

The United States is similarly wrestling with recent mandates for all employees to be vaccinated in companies with over 100 staff. Resistance has been seen in almost every sector—most notably transportation. Thousands of flights have been canceled in recent weeks under the guise of weather and basic staffing issues. Many thinking minds realize, however, these shutdowns are not mere coincidence. Thousands—perhaps tens of thousands—of key employees are resisting the mandate. Some of them are taking paid leave. Others, unpaid leave. Many are at risk of being fired. Where this stalemate will go, no one yet knows.

Thousands of intelligence officers from various agencies could face dismissal for refusing the vaccine, raising security concerns as they are particularly hard to replace due to specialized work and security clearance.

Ask: What business could function with a sudden loss of much of its workforce? And what would it mean for the former employees and their families? And further, what would it mean for the industry in which that company is a key part of and for the greater economy? If this is a microcosm of what is playing out across the nation, America is in DEEP trouble! In conjunction with the massive shortages in the trucking industry, a recipe for disaster is brewing. Will the president have to call in the National Guard to deliver goods on the streets, as some speculate? What might the country look like in just a few short weeks if time went on? And with consideration of the saying “As goes America, so goes the world,” what do America’s woes mean for the global economy?

Subscribers, at Christ’s Return we will see what Acts 3 calls a “time of refreshing” and “time of restitution” (vs. 19, 21). The word restitution comes from a Greek word that means “reconstitute—in health, home and organization.” Society’s entire construct will be changed to follow God’s Laws and Ways! Refreshing in the Greek means a “recovery of breath.” The world is now gasping for air, on the verge of death. The ultimate “breath of fresh air”—complete societal overhaul—is coming! Believe your Bible and wait for it!

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