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World News Report: May 2014

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World News Report: May 2014

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Conditions around the world are going from very bad to much worse, and in ways that are almost uncounted. In Ukraine, pro-Russian forces have now risen in cities all across the eastern part of the country and have taken control of key government buildings and installations. Tensions are steadily increasing in this latest “war and rumor of war” (Matt. 24:6) affecting much of the world.

Reuters reported this, including the response from the West: “Hundreds of pro-Moscow separatists stormed government buildings in one of Ukraine’s provincial capitals on Tuesday and fired on police holed up in a regional headquarters, a major escalation of their revolt despite new Western sanctions on Russia.

“New U.S. and EU sanctions packages, announced with fanfare, were seen as so mild that Russian share prices rose in relief. A small number of names were added to existing blacklists, while threats to take more serious measures were put on hold.”

So far, Western nations have been unable to deter Russia from becoming increasingly involved in Ukraine. As is happening in so many parts of the world, as one ethnic group after another confront often age-old enemies seeking to settle “scores” going back centuries, many fear that the conflict could eventually descend into a full-blown civil war—or worse, the Russian military enters and either occupies or seizes certain parts of eastern Ukraine. The “Ukraine situation” has left the United States and every NATO country in Europe deeply troubled over what will be the next development regarding Russian intent. No one seems able to predict what Russia will ultimately do or what are its goals.

In the Middle East, where ethnic differences go back millennia not centuries, not surprisingly, peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have finally completely broken down. After stalling and then wobbling, the “knockout punch” came when Hamas and Fatah declared their intent to form a “unity government,” ending seven years of division. Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by Israel and the United States, and is openly committed to the destruction of Israel no less than is Iran, who privately arms them.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted immediately by stating in no uncertain terms that his nation would never negotiate with a terrorist-backed government. So Israel froze the talks. The “unity” move is another sign that the Palestinians are not as serious about peace as they claim to be. Think. Hamas has launched 10,000 rockets into Israel in the seven years that it was estranged from Fatah. In an absolutely shocking response, further complicating everything, the European Union backed the reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah.

Watch these developments very closely since they speak strongly to how much time we have left to carry out God’s Work before the end of the age arrives.

In the midst of all these many problems around the world, a revealing new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll revealed that an increasing number of Americans would rather just shrink back from global affairs—and become isolationist. At a time when leadership from the United States would be more needed than ever, the article stated, “The 47% of respondents who called for a less-active role in world affairs marked a larger share than in similar polling in 2001, 1997 and 1995. Similarly, the Pew Research Center last year found a record 53% saying that the U.S. ‘should mind its own business internationally’ and let other countries get along as best they can, compared with 41% who said so in 1995 and 20% in 1964” (The Wall Street Journal).

How long before American leaders and diplomats are pressured to completely pull out of international matters? Then ask what will happen when the world’s policeman is no longer willing or able to enforce law and order. While Ukraine struggles to quell a revolt, Egypt’s future is still uncertain. Libya is in shambles. The death toll (including thousands of women and children) in Syria continues to rise. Terrorist bombings rip through Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and many other countries. Slaughter in the South Sudan shocks the senses in ways that no one could prepare for.

Every corner of the globe is FILLED with increasing problems—and increasing VIOLENCE!

As Washington abandons its role as the world’s lone superpower, other nations (think Russia, China, Japan, North Korea, Iran and Germany) will QUICKLY fill the void since nature abhors a vacuum. It is sobering to see how FAST aggressor nations around the world will RUSH IN to take advantage of America’s historic retreat from having kept the world stable now for almost 200 years. It has been this long since giant world empires have been able to form largely unopposed by nations too small to stop their advance. Murderous, destructive dictators and megalomaniac empire-builders ruled the world for about 5,800 years before God fulfilled His promise to Abraham in bringing greatness to Britain (Ephraim) and America (Manasseh), who in turn allowed freedom to flourish in many parts of the world and then policed it for two centuries. Satan’s world is now returning to the natural order of his kingdom from the Garden of Eden onward: aggressor Gentile nations swallowing and enslaving their neighbors at first opportunity—just before doing the same to the Israelitish nations of the West now shrinking before them. (To learn more about this subject, read our thorough book America and Britain in Prophecy. The Bible records much about the rise and fall of these two nations.)

Only one solution exists that will finally bring the peace and safety that all long for to this sick and dying world—the coming KINGDOM OF GOD. Jesus Christ alone will be able to rescue individuals, peoples and nations from where they have collectively put themselves en masse.

Our booklets What Is the Kingdom of God? and Which Is the True Gospel? reveal much more about this subject. Request your free copies today.


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