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Profile: Ambassador Center

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Profile: Ambassador Center

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Ambassador Center (AC) is the specialized training academy of The Restored Church of God, which publishes The Real Truth. Founder and Chancellor David C. Pack, who is also President and Pastor General of The Restored Church of God and The Real Truth’s Editor-in-Chief, worked with faculty and staff to develop a rigorous two-year educational program with one overarching purpose: the development of the whole person.

The tradition for this institution began more than 60 years earlier in Pasadena, California, with Ambassador College. Founded by Herbert W. Armstrong and supported by the Worldwide Church of God, the college eventually branched into three separate campuses in Pasadena, California; Bricket Wood, England; and Big Sandy, Texas.

This original college operated under the motto, “Recapture True Values.” It taught students that “the Word of God is the foundation of knowledge.”

The same standards apply today at Ambassador Center.

AC recognizes the necessity of equipping students not only with thorough knowledge and sound understanding of Scripture and theology, but also with a liberal arts background, providing a well-rounded, balanced education. In addition, every aspect of the educational setting is designed to further character and personality development.

Classes are held at the Church’s World Headquarters, and off-site internationally through an intensive audio and video program.

After graduation, students may be hired to work full-time at the Church’s World Headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio, be called into the ministry, or take on roles of service in local congregations.

The wonderful Ambassador way of life—God’s Way—is learned and experienced by all who attend.

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