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As The Real Truth reaches its 10-year anniversary, it is fitting to look at the purpose of the publication, as well as its history. A decade ago, in the 2003 inaugural issue of The Real Truth, I wrote:

“We welcome you as a reader to the most important magazine you will ever read!

The Real Truth is a truly unique publication. You will never read another like it. It answers the BIG questions in life, those that few others seem willing to address. It will soon fill a vacuum—a dimension missing from today’s world.

“Actually, this magazine is the revival of The Plain Truth magazine, started by then editor-in-chief, Herbert W. Armstrong, in 1934. Over the next 52 years, until his death in 1986, the circulation of The Plain Truth magazine slowly grew to 8.2 million monthly subscribers, with an estimated 25 million readers worldwide!”

“The idea of a fledgling magazine was born in Mr. Armstrong’s mind. He understood that a hard-hitting monthly magazine, coupled with The World Tomorrow radio program, was necessary to reveal the Plain Truth—the Real Truth—behind what the media reported. Newspapers, radio and, later, television, only reported WHAT was happening without explaining WHY. He recognized that mankind does not know the solutions to civilization’s greatest problems, troubles, evils and ills—and that those solutions were found in the Bible. He also understood that modern religion had utterly failed in explaining the real purpose of life.”

The Plain Truth was never a political magazine—and never a typical religious magazine. Neither is The Real Truth. The Plain Truth spoke out at a level above politics—unlike the endless columnists, commentators, reporters and political analysts of this world who look to humanly devised solutions. It dared to speak with boldness and clarity about the ONLY SOLUTIONS to what are now insoluble problems plaguing humanity, and explained that those solutions WILL COME!

“So will The Real Truth.”

Ten years later, man’s governments, and their political remedies, have still failed to do anything but make more and more problems—and the existing ones worse. Advancing technology has also failed to bring the utopia that all long for. Neither has modern religion brought answers. Like government, it has only brought war, division and more problems, while at the same time failing to explain the purpose of human existence.

Signs of the Times

Look around. Turmoil, fear and confusion now grip all nations of the world. Terrorism, economic upheaval, and resultant widespread uncertainty are everywhere. Many sense that the differences between and within nations are intensifying and threatening to spin out of control. New and different power blocs are forming, with traditional alliances wavering, waning or disappearing.

Ominous signs of grave difficulty in resolving humanity’s most fundamental problems abound. Many sense that the world is hurtling toward trouble, even possibly terrible calamity. Disease, famine and war sweep the planet as never before. New diseases are continually emerging and old ones are re-emerging worse than ever. Famine now decimates entire segments of local populations. Weapons of mass destruction, so incomprehensibly lethal and devastating that they boggle the mind, now threaten humanity—also as never before. Many nations are learning to live “on alert” to terrorist cells, which can strike anywhere without notice.

Think of poverty, illiteracy, disasters of every kind, violence, religious division and confusion, governments collapsing or under siege, increasing riots and protests, shortages of food and drinking water, shallow, pleasure-driven, immoral entertainment, breakdown of family values—and of virtually all other values held sacred for generations—that fill the headlines of newspapers and newscasts.

Here is a snapshot of just a few:

  • “Global Economic Turmoil to Continue Till 2015”
  • “Battling the Bacterial Threat to Modern Medicine”
  • “Mass Rape, Amputations and Killings—Why Families Are Fleeing Terror in Mali”
  • “U.S. Drought Expands, Blankets High Plains”
  • “Vomiting Virus Sweeps Britain”
  • “Elementary School Massacre: 20 Children Among 28 Killed in Connecticut Slaughter”
  • “Typhoon Bopha: Philippines Storm Toll Passes 1,000”
  • “Famine the Final Wake-up Call on Global Warming”
  • “Car Bomb Kills 17 in Crowded Market in Pakistan”
  • “Scotland Battered by ‘Worst Storms in 100 Years’”
  • “2012 Breaks Records for Heat, Drought, Weather Extremes”

This world is so obviously in serious trouble!

Then there are the stunning events and conditions throughout the financial world that are affecting every nation. One development after another—virtually all of them bad!—are impacting both Wall Street and Main Street. The effects are seen in tight credit, global stock markets, banks and other lending institutions, rising unemployment, rising inflation, rising fuel prices, declining retirement and pension funds, fallen home values, frozen business and home equity lines, corporate bankruptcies and bailouts—as well as the projected budget deficits of city, state and federal governments in America and many other countries. These also have a rippling effect through all levels of politics in every democratic or Western nation. The entire global economy is being regularly revisited, reviewed and revised, with many acknowledging they simply do not know what to do next.

World conditions, events and trends speak daily in frightening terms about how things could quickly turn in the wrong direction. The future of nations, including the greatest nations, hangs in the balance. History shows that all great civilizations eventually crashed, having become decadent, awash in material prosperity and greed—and educated in wrong knowledge. This can happen again!

No Solutions

The question of what lies ahead for the whole world has become the very greatest question today. Millions are searching—wondering about the course of events. More and more world leaders are also expressing pessimism about the rise of troubles, evils, ills and woes also both within and between nations, including those that are the most powerful. So are educators, military planners, sociologists and scientists.

With all nations of Earth increasingly overwhelmed by a complicated and worsening array of difficulties confronting and challenging them, the greatest thinkers are being employed to find answers—solutions! The problem? There are no solutions to any of the world’s biggest problems anywhere on the horizon, but rather only new ideas that never seem to work!

Of course, many are unmoved—not concerned—about the tumultuous events surrounding them, trusting that things will work out in the end “because they always do.” Also believing things will eventually “turn out all right,” others close their eyes, choosing to pursue pleasure and the accumulation of material goods at an even more frantic pace. But for the short term, things will not turn out all right. World conditions are and will become far more serious than any imagine.

Almighty God will soon have to intervene and save humanity from itself. But before this occurs, world trouble will greatly increase—intensifying to staggering proportions. This will be followed by unexpected and cataclysmic events that will shake the whole world, affecting the life of every human being on Earth! Events are building to a final culmination—a tremendous climax! Nothing that has occurred over the past 6,000 years even remotely compares to what is yet to come upon this world! Civilization, as we know it, will change forever.

Facts, Evidence and Proof

In addressing all that confronts humanity, The Real Truth magazine does not offer opinions, suppositions or assumptions. It brings facts, evidence and proof of the issues it addresses. We speak from a position of authority, and never apologize for it. This magazine addresses life’s greatest questions. It reveals the plain truth behind what the media merely reports.

Of course, some do not want the facts. They prefer cherished suppositions, or ignorance. The Real Truth offers correct understanding—explanations you have never heard before. It brings assurance that you are viewing social trends, world conditions, current events—and the burning issues of the day—from the right perspective!

The Real Truth magazine is read by vast numbers—in every country and territory of the world—and in every walk of life. Presidents and prime ministers, as well as professors, scientists, musicians, athletes, captains of industry, and other leaders, read it. Yet it speaks directly to the common man—teachers, bricklayers, salesmen, secretaries, housewives, clerks, farmers, factory workers, truck drivers, and construction workers.

This magazine addresses the questions on the minds of millions—and brings plain answers. It explains the causes behind the terrible effects reflected in today’s headlines. Analyzing the issues, trends and troubles that plague mankind, it reveals the true purpose of human life—and points to the good news of the only solution, now soon to come.

This publication is truly different, and in almost every way. It changes lives, brings hope—and a vision of the big picture. It explains the bigger view in a world where most are completely blind to the causes behind all the bad effects billions experience every day!

Unique Analysis

We have articles explaining the cause of war, what’s wrong with the weather, the meaning of events in Europe, why governments cannot eradicate pollution, why earthquakes are increasing, why science has not brought the utopian world it promised, why new diseases are appearing and older ones re-appearing stronger than before, why racial bigotry only grows worse, what lies ahead for America and Britain, where the world economy is going, and whether the United Nations is really mankind’s ultimate answer.

But we also explain the value of right ethics, the definition of true success—and the definition of true character—which are the keys to understanding the moral crisis in the West, what’s wrong with modern education, why so many seek escape and pleasure, and why there is abortion, cloning and “alternative lifestyles.”

Almost none are willing to speak up—or out—about these problems. They will not cry aloud, pulling no punches about everyday problems that normal human beings face—that you face! The writers of The Real Truth and I, as Editor-in-Chief of this magazine and voice of The World to Come, will—and we do!

We explain the world’s lack of great leaders, where such leaders will come from, as well as how world peace will come in our time. We show the way to building strong families, rearing happy, productive children, as well as how to end your financial worries.

We are also not afraid to speak out about what is wrong with modern religion. We explain why there are thousands of different—and disagreeing—forms of Christianity, the real origin of man’s supposed “Christian” holidays, why religion cannot solve, or even explain, a single one of the world’s great problems. We explain real faith, how to identify the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, the origin of human nature, principles of healthful living, the way of “give” vs. the way of “get,” the Law of God, how to identify the true Church, and many related subjects.

Again, these articles and other regular features do not just describe the effects of today’s problems. There is already too much of that, and this approach leaves people uncertain, confused, fearful and depressed, because they see no way out! We identify the causes—again, why so much is going wrong!

This magazine brings plain, clear truth, made understandable to any with an open mind. Be sure to read every article. Search the facts of what we say. Only be willing to believe us if you see proof. Follow the links within articles on this website. They lead to the vast amount of other literature and materials we offer.

You cannot afford to miss a single issue of The Real Truth. And check the website regularly for other news and updates. Also, archived issues and articles carry a timeless message.

You will want to keep up with what is being offered. We will keep you informed—on the cutting edge—of what is happening in a world where huge, cataclysmic changes lie just over the horizon!

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