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The Immorality Explosion! – Part 1

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The Immorality Explosion!

Part 1

Old-style morality is under assault like never before. Many have come to wonder what is right and what is wrong—what morality really is. Is it a strict intolerant attitude? Would morality problems be resolved if everyone tolerated and learned to “understand” all the actions of others? A new perverse subculture has crept into nearly every home and every society. Here is the plain truth about immorality—and where it is going!

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To some, the world exists in a state that appears to be improving. Great achievements in science, technology, medicine and economics have led to advancements of every kind imaginable. As problems arise, we seem unlimited in our ability to solve them. But are we really solving them? Are the inevitable wounds of advancement being healed by technology?

It has been said that the total fund of human knowledge doubles annually. Does all this information improve society? Does it allow us to make better choices? Are we, as “informed” people, better off than the “ignorant and uneducated” masses of previous centuries?

One area in which knowledge has flourished is that of sex. A plethora of information—and instruction—is now available. But has it allowed us to make better choices?

No doubt you can see the depth to which sex permeates society. One can no longer turn on the television without finding a program that has sexual undertones. Magazines are filled with stories, photos and features that would shock those of past generations. There is now also the Internet, offering a veritable buffet of perversions.

But are these things really having an effect on society? Is this public fascination with sex actually changing how we act, think and live? What about children? Does the explosion of sex-related material taught in schools and presented by the media have positive or negative effects on them?

Psychologists have suggested that children need the “seeds of tolerance” planted in them at an early age, to allow them to blossom into well-rounded, tolerant adults. In this vein, many school curriculums have been altered to allow alternative lifestyles and viewpoints to be expressed, oftentimes without the parents’ knowledge.

Will such seeds of knowledge sprout into a better, more tolerant society? Or is there a price to be paid for the “re-education” of our children?

Society has embraced the concept of political correctness. It allows all people to live their lives however they choose as long as “it doesn’t hurt anyone else.” The “PC” attitude has spawned an era of tolerance that, before our time, was unknown. Everyone and everything is now tolerated—or is it?

Pleasure and betterment are the main goals and hopes of many. Some would argue that, if they are doing something to themselves, they should have the right to experiment and enjoy whatever they please. After all, they would theoretically hurt no one but themselves. But is self-pleasure actually leading toward betterment?

The world is filled with many avenues of recreation—escape—especially in the western world. Television, movies, dance clubs, bars and the Internet allow people to escape their daily lives or meet others who share similar interests. The most enabling of these is the Internet. Never has it been so easy for so many to reach those who share similar interests—no matter how extreme.

The Internet literally has “something for everyone.” For instance, if you are interested in rock climbing and have recently moved to a new city, the Internet would allow you to find others who share this interest.

But, with the click of a mouse, one can just as easily find people who are interested in pedophilia!

The Internet is the ultimate form of full-information access. But how the Internet is used, and how sex has dominated this medium, will shock you.

Never before could someone who was “curious” about same-sex relationships find a partner to explore that curiosity in such an open and encouraged forum.

And in the same way, children are now exposed—often without their parents’ knowledge—to predators of every kind.

These types of windows into society exist. But where does society itself now stand? Collectively, what does it believe?

The State of Affairs

A statistical picture reveals the sexual state of the world. Although it will not supply you with answers, it will show you the dire straits in which we live.

In today’s world, it is common to lose one’s virginity by age 16. However, this is tame in comparison to the problems across middle schools in America. Instead of learning math and english, reports regularly appear about students caught having oral sex in the classroom. This is now generally considered to be at epidemic levels.

Fifth grade graduation parties feature scores of children “freak” dancing—a form of dancing in which they simulate the sex act while keeping their clothes on.

Thinking about being “sexy” starts even younger. The popular “Barbie” doll has recently introduced a version called “Lingerie Barbie.” Although Mattel stated that this Barbie is for ages 14 and up, the average market for Barbie is ages 8 to 12. The product description shows how children are forced to confront sexuality issues: “Barbie exudes a flirtatious attitude in her heavenly merry widow bustier ensemble accented with intricate lace and matching peekaboo peignoir.”

Children are supposed to be childlike—innocent—throughout childhood! Sexuality should never even enter their thinking. Yet they are constantly bombarded with—force-fed—images and products that push them to be sexy.

One market that seems to have no concept of childhood is that of fashion. It seems that, if you want sex to sell, you must start with the very young, as this quote from ABC News shows: “A fake lizard miniskirt…boots and fishnet stockings…If you think it’s the wardrobe of a 20-something, think again!” It goes on to explain that this is the closet of a five-year old!

The sexualization of children has spawned a generation of adults who have delved into every perversion under the sun. Relationships have also become twisted and perverted. This has devastated marriages, which are now more likely to end in divorce than not.

And the Internet has also had a hand in this. An American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers survey recently showed that in the last 12 months, Internet-related issues caused 62% of all divorce cases. From meeting partners for affairs, to delving into perversions once suppressed or addiction to pornography, families are being destroyed by the immoral fiber that has become pervasive in our society.

Studies show that over 80% of marriages in the U.S. have an unfaithful partner. Children learn by example. What example is being set? Children who are abused tend to become abusers. By extension, might children of openly promiscuous parents take on these qualities as well?

But there are even more extreme forms of behavior happening in the home.  Just as addiction to soft drugs leads to heavier drug use, experimenting with pornography leads to other perversions. Many couples are delving into alternative lifestyles. Becoming popular across the western world is the concept known as “swinging.” Couples meet other couples and each will then trade partners!

Imagine the confusion a child would experience if exposed to such blatant immorality!

Examples could continue for pages. The different lifestyles, interests, habits and choices are just a small window into the bowels of society. Can we turn back the clock? Or have Ozzie and Harriet (the beloved TV family of the 1950s) been transformed into The Osbournes?

In an effort to provide information to help make the “correct” sexual choices, better judgment has been left behind. Imagine giving detailed instructions to a terrorist on how, when and where to plant a nuclear weapon. Then imagine that, after such a weapon is detonated, we deduce that the solution is to give such terrorists more information—with even MORE detail. No one would suggest such a ridiculous idea!

Yet every day, children and teens are being given what they need to commit moral terrorism.

Will there be any towers of morality left when—or if—this tide is stemmed?

Perversion of the Family

A two-parent family is the best and most productive environment in which to raise children who will one day grow into sound, well-rounded adults.

It is ideal when the mother is able to care for her children, while the father provides an income for the family. This helps children to grow up in a happy and stable environment. Children with this foundation have sound male and female role models.

Sadly, this has all but disappeared. There is such a wide array of “families,” the new “normal” family structure is nearly impossible to define.

For instance, one out of every three children in the U.S. is born to an unwed mother. And this number is skyrocketing. Many believe that the odds of a marriage surviving are so low that they should forgo marriage altogether. This results in cohabitation becoming the precursor to marriage—not the other way around.

It was very different even a few generations ago. Couples would date and get to know each other. Sexual relations would not have been an option until marriage. The idea of living together would have been completely foreign.

Today, we see a complete reversal of this. Often, couples live together for years, appearing as married without making the firm commitment of marriage. Often, marriage comes because of either a surprise pregnancy or a pressure inside the relationship. This creates the commitment for all the wrong reasons.

Is it any wonder that the “divorced” status is the largest growing classification in North America?

But cohabitation is the simplest of these new “families.” Single-parent families lack balanced gender role models. A boy raised by his mother may never learn how to be a proper father. The same principle applies to a girl brought up by a single father. What father would understand the problems an adolescent girl experiences?

What about the concept of two parents of the same gender? How would a child learn to understand the differences between genders and know their roles in society? Or what about “swinging” parents? Imagine going back just 50 years and trying to explain such things.

In our society, the nuclear family is the last bastion of morality, and its defenses are being breached. As stated above, over 80% of marriages will suffer some form of adultery and, ultimately, many end in divorce.

It should come as no surprise, since society places so much “value” on sex. Before marriage, the average person has had up to five sexual partners. Sex is no longer a mysterious and exciting aspect of marriage. What should be one of the most powerful expressions of love has been reduced to something as “special” as sharing a bank account or buying a car. Therefore, it is no surprise that something so under-valued is so easily marred.

This framework and its examples have created what has been called the most sexually active generation of children the world has ever seen.

Children and Sex

As mentioned, children have been bombarded with an array of mediums pushing sex at them. But the problem runs even deeper.

The media has created an unrealistic image. If you are a girl, that image is scantily-clad runway models and movie stars with bodies almost impossible to achieve. They all try to look “sexy” because sex sells. Young girls see such images and, partly because they lack role models at home, aspire to be like them.

Sex is popular. Many television shows represent sex as fun and exciting without any repercussions. Recently, one star of a popular television program became pregnant. The character made having a child, as a single woman, seem as simple as buying a new dress. The young and impressionable mind sees this and reacts.

The fashion industry also responds and drives these desires. Little girls are now able to purchase clothing that many adults would avoid. One major fashion chain sold child-sized thong underwear with sexually suggestive phrases on them. Should a ten-year-old have underwear with phrases such as “eye candy,” “kiss me” or “wink wink” on the front?

It has reached the point that it is nearly impossible for a young girl to find shirts or blouses that cover her midriff, or pants that are not shockingly revealing. But this is not limited to teenagers. Children try to be “sexy” before they are even capable of understanding what sexy means.

But it is not just limited to girls. Boys also try to aspire to “ideal” body types. They are taught that it is cool to have as much sex with as many girls as possible. A boy’s ability to “conquer” is often directly related to how much of a man he feels he will become. This has created a generation of young boys aspiring to be like what they see on television.

The result?

Researchers in Washington, D.C., wanted to start a program to prevent sexual activity in youth. After initially offering the program to seventh-graders, they found it ineffective because too many seventh-graders were already having sex!

The program was then re-worked and offered to fifth-graders. (Keep in mind, we are talking about 10- and 11-year olds.) The study followed these students from 1995 to 1999, and the results were nothing short of eye-popping. While it said that most simply talk about sex, 20% of the students had sex before they were 15 years old—one in five! A notable fact was the change in girls. The 1999 results showed that 19% of girls reported having sex. This was a 42% increase from 1988.

According to a teen quoted in a USA Today article, it was estimated that almost 50% of seventh- and eighth-graders engaged in some kind of sex act. Part of the problem is that children have a very different view of sex than do adults.

A recent U.S. president added to this confusion. In the course of denying his act of adultery with an employee, he declared that oral sex is “not sex.” This mentality has solidified itself in the minds of many youths. Adults often define sex as any sort of arousing activity between two people. Young people believe that only intercourse is sex. Oral sex, petting or touching is not, to them, defined as sex.

This explains three stories below. The explicit nature and graphic wording of the articles are far too detailed to be quoted directly. Keep in mind the ages of the children involved in these incidents.

(1) A 14-year-old reported to USA Today that two students were caught in a washroom in the midst of a sex act. Reports such as this are becoming all too common!

(2) A 13-year-old told ABC News that a female student had sexual relations with nearly a third of their school’s football team.

(3) Another recent story involves two 12-year-olds in Baltimore, Maryland. While a movie was being shown to the class, these children were in the back of the room committing a sex act!

There is simply not enough space to mention all the increasing news reports of children caught in the act of sex. It should then be no wonder that a recent New York Times article stated that “some studies indicate three-fourths of all girls have had sex during their teenage years and 15% have had four or more partners.”

But wasn’t sex education supposed to help this? Are teenagers not taught that abstaining from sex will save them from the problems that such unwise choices create?

Sex Education

If one has sex without thinking through the consequences, many problems—pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.—can result. Knowledge should give one the power to make well-informed and wise choices—right?

You would assume that teaching children about sex allows them to make right choices. But are children able to see past their teen years and understand the consequences of their decisions? Based on what we have already seen, the answer is a resounding NO!

But should we re-think what we are teaching children? Termed “Comprehensive Sexual Education,” it was once considered the answer to help teens abstain from sex. However, it has turned into instructions on how to have sex.

The reasons for avoiding premarital sex have been minimized or removed. Many believe that telling children not to have sex is naïve and that we must provide any and all information to prepare them for WHEN—not if—they have sex.

Such illogic! The world is drowning in a sea of confusion and misunderstanding. Education seems to have completely lost its way. But there is a reason for such confusion and there is a hope for this misguided world. Nearly 6,000 years ago, the first man, Adam, rejected true knowledge—including proper understanding of sex. Since that time, man has created his own system of  education instead of turning to God and His Word for such understanding. Modern society—with its improper approach to sexual education—shows the “fruits” (Matt. 7:16, 20) of a system that gropes blindly for the solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. Mankind has trusted in its own wisdom instead of God’s. And the Bible has a warning for such men: “Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes!” (Isa. 5:21).

But there is a system—a hope—that will solve all these problems and introduce proper and true sex education. Very soon, Jesus Christ will return to this earth and set up a new government and education system. That system will remove all confusion and misunderstanding about what is moral and immoral, what is pure and what is perverse. The teachings of the Bible show that any form of sexual relationships outside of marriage will result in an endless array of problems. But because so few follow those teachings, many do not understand—or even know of—this way of life that brings peace, happiness and joy. Soon, the government of God will teach this way of life throughout the entire world.

But until that time, a stubborn mankind will continue to build upon a brittle and cracking foundation.

Flawed Foundation

The problem with sex education is the foundation on which it is built. Its basis is that all people are sexual—that from the moment we are born, we are fully sexual creatures. Proponents have even compared the hugging of a grandparent to a sexual act. Most sex educators refuse to believe documented evidence that children—unless molested—have no sexual impulses until approximately age 12.

They also assert that children are being misinformed and misdirected by their parents, who, they feel, cloud the issues and often drive kids to make wrong choices. When summarizing the view of sex educators, Kerby Anderson stated, in The Teen Sexual Revolution, “Parents, in [the educators’] view, have simply not done their job, so we need ‘professionals’ to do it right. Parents in trying to protect their children, fail to affirm their sexuality, and even discuss sexuality in a context of moralizing.”

The answer?

Turn what was to be simple information into full-blown sexual instruction for youth! An example of such a program is called “Learning About Family Life.” This heavily studied program is used by the state of New Jersey. It covers, in detail, sexual desire, AIDS, divorce, condoms, masturbation and much more. Yet it nearly excludes any mention of abstinence, marriage, self-control and virginity. They are actually promoting sex to children.

In a 1994 article “The Failure of Sex Education,” Barbara Dafoe Whitehead clearly demonstrated that popular sex education failed in accomplishing its original directives: Dropping the number of pregnancies and cases of STDs.

While conducting her study, she found that a popular form of “prevention” was “outercourse.” This involves sexual touching, petting or kissing in the hopes that it would keep teenagers from going further. Any reasonable person knows where such things would lead with adults. Would any believe that teenagers would have more self-control?

Her study also showed that the number of unwed mothers rose over 20% from 1980 to 1991, proving that the proliferation of sex information does not prevent problems.

Another flaw in sex education’s foundation is the concept of “safe sex.” Countless studies have shown that no form of premarital sex is safe—especially among adolescents. But regardless of the evidence, teaching children to practice “safe sex” is the core of sex education.

But how dangerous is “safe sex”? Proper condom use prevents the spreading of STDs and instances of pregnancy—right? The answer would be “no” if you asked the 31% who reported condom failure.

Studies in a 1993 issue of Social Science Medicine showed that condoms were only 87% effective in preventing pregnancy and 69% effective in preventing the spread of HIV.

But proponents for condom use often quote a study by the Ninth International Conference on AIDS. However, only part of the study is quoted. They excerpt data showing that when couples are properly trained and educated in using protection, it does prevent the spread of diseases such as AIDS.

While this is true, it unfortunately falls short of all the information the study provides. More than a third of the couples involved were unable to learn how to properly use protection. Of this third, 12 became HIV positive and, without doubt, this number increased over time.

In a study to show the effectiveness of condom use, couples could not be taught to use condoms well enough to prevent infections. How much more would teens in reckless sexual encounters put themselves in danger?

Sex education has been broken since its inception and—like many things in our culture—we blindly follow it, never asking any questions. But sexual instruction is one part in a system that turns an innocent young mind into a lusting sexual being.

Sexualization of the Innocent

Sex now grips an entire generation. And with each generation, the target becomes younger. Why have youth become so preoccupied with sex? The real reason is not teenage sex, unwed mothers or the rampant spread of STDS. The real reason is the systematic sexualization of youth. Children, as young as five, are beginning to think of themselves as “sexual” beings. They want to be as sexy as those they idolize on television.

No young teen, and certainly no five-year-old, should be wondering if they are sexy. Why has society created an atmosphere that pushes children to meet expectations that were once only placed on adults?

We have read about the sale of sexually suggestive clothing for little girls, and statistics of various sex acts by children and teenagers. Also, that schools seem to teach children to be sexual, basically instructing them about sex before they are able to understand the repercussions. The list of such things is practically endless.

It seems that our entire society is organized in such a way as to sexualize young people. But why would a society—a culture—want to do this?

Children of varying ages are taught to be tolerant of all forms of sexual expression. Many Hollywood movies show minors in sexual situations and, at times, sexual acts with adults. And in high school, they are taught what it means to experiment in the context of “learning who they are.”

The seeds of tolerance and mass information have created the aforementioned moral terrorists. But weren’t these forms of education designed to help children make better—healthier—choices about their lives and futures? Weren’t such systems established to improve society and create stable, happy families?

While this may have been the original goal, the system has been hijacked and the goals perverted. Society as a whole has been focused on “more important” problems, and an entire generation is paying the price.

But in educators’ attempts to teach children how to grow into well-rounded adults, they could not have known that such a system would turn into something so wrong. They could not have known that teaching—and instructing—children about sex would create the problems we now see. Or could they?

The Bible records many several-thousand-year-old prophecies that were written about today’s world. The conditions of pollution, crime, and disease are all described—and so is sexual immorality. God’s Word foretold the state we see in our modern time:

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves…disobedient to parents, unthankful…without natural affection…despisers of those that are good…heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God…led away with diverse lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (II Tim. 3:1-7).

How true of our modern society!

And, just as surely as these prophecies about our times have come true, there are other prophecies yet unfulfilled that will come to pass. They speak of a world very different from our own. A time of hope and stability. A time when the Ten Commandments will be taught throughout the world, and, with them, a proper understanding of sex. No longer will children be forced to learn about immoral sex—premarital, extramarital or homosexual. Children will be taught the powerful bond that sex within marriage creates. And they will come to understand the blessings that flow from keeping the laws of God and practicing the morality He created.

The Answer Exposed!

Though man ignored the prophecies showing that his systems would fail, he must certainly see the results. Why does he keep using a system that is so obviously flawed at its very foundation? Why are abstinence and virginity not shown to be the wise choices that they are? Why are perversions pushed to extremely young children as normal and viable options? Not only are educators embracing the concept of giving more information to our teenagers, they are giving them information that most adults do not even know or comprehend.

Worse yet, teens and even small children are being exposed to alternative lifestyles without even parental knowledge. Under the banner of tolerance, parents have been removed from teaching their children and establishing proper morals.

This is the darker side of the modern sexual society. It is the system that sexualizes children and makes them more sexually aware at ever younger and younger ages. Why would anyone want to sexualize children, making them sexually aware and active at increasingly younger ages? What happens when young people are exposed to this? Why is tolerance taught in schools when many schools are not tolerant of a parent’s morals? What kind of adults has this society, rooted in tolerance, produced?

We will answer these questions, expose the hidden side of sexual education, and show how far off the world’s moral compass has become next month in “The Immorality Explosion! – Part II.”

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