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Evolution Exposed: Deconstructing False Science – Part 6

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Evolution Exposed: Deconstructing False Science

Part 6

Evolutionists can be their own worst enemies. You be the judge…

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This series investigates the theory of evolution, revealing that there is much more to the story than what is commonly taught. After laying a truthful foundation and building upon it, the reader will see that the theory collapses, and that the confusing series of explanations, definitions and suppositions supporting it are weak and shallow. Each part builds upon the previous, and the entire series should be read to grasp the fullest picture—and the vital implications that flow from its conclusions.

The bitter arguments between scientists of competing disciplines of evolution provide incredible insight into the theory’s weaknesses. Evolutionists questioning evolution is more common than one might assume. Yet disagreements are often hidden or ignored.

Compare this to religion. Imagine an archeological find revealed that the first-century apostles doubted that Jesus Christ was God-in-the-flesh. Such a discovery would shake the very foundation of Christendom.

Why should statements from experts in evolution be viewed in a different light? Their statements show a growing and deepening chasm in the theory of evolution—one that the tenets of evolution are no longer able to bridge.

Experts on Evolution

At this point in the series, we have already thoroughly disproven evolution. Allow the following quotes from evolutionists to close the case against evolution.

We begin with widely published French evolutionist Jean Rostand: “The theory of evolution gives no answer to the important problem of the origin of life and presents only fallacious solutions to the problem of the nature of evolutive transformations…We are condemned to believe in evolution…Perhaps we are now in a worse position than in 1850 because we have searched for one century and we have the impression that the different hypotheses are now exhausted” (Georges Salet, Hasard et Certitude: Le Transformisme devant la Biologie Actuelle). (Emphasis ours throughout.)

While we have uncovered many assumptions, there are still others. Evolutionist and zoologist Dr. Gerald A. Kerkut, Dean of Science at University of Southampton, England, wrote a revealing conclusion to his book Implications of Evolution. Keep in mind that the term biogenesis used in the quote refers to “origin (genesis) of life (bio),” and not the Law of Biogenesis, as covered earlier. Notice: “The first assumption was that non-living things gave rise to living material. This is still just an assumption…It is therefore a matter of faith on the part of the biologist that biogenesis did occur…

“The second assumption was that spontaneous generation occurred only once. This again is matter for belief rather than proof…”

“The third assumption was that Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa and the higher animals were all interrelated…We have as of yet no definite evidence about the way in which the Viruses, Bacteria or Protozoa are interrelated.”

“The fourth assumption was that the Protozoa gave rise to the Metazoa…Here again nothing definite is known…”

“The fifth assumption was that the various invertebrate phyla are interrelated…The evidence, then for the affinities of the majority of the invertebrates is tenuous and circumstantial; not the type of evidence that would allow one to form a verdict of definite relationships.”

A Taste of Creation

Spectacular Cells

Imagine a hot summer day in which you spent too much time in the sun. Perhaps you were a little red or even badly sunburned. Over the following days, an amazing process takes place as your body heals from overexposure. Through several processes, your skin sheds its damaged cells and replaces them with new, healthy ones.

Your entire body—including your skin, eyes, organs and brain—is comprised of cells. In fact, it consists of over 250 different kinds of cells, totaling about 100 trillion. The design of each type varies in shape, size, function, density and purpose. The body is so efficient, so effective, that within seven years, all 100 trillion cells will be replaced!

The inner functioning of the cell is most fascinating. Each is like a miniature factory—and miniature it is! Red blood cells, for instance, are 10 times smaller than the width of a single human hair. Yet even though each cell is microscopic, if you placed all of the cells in your body end to end, they would encircle the earth 200 times!

Cells are made primarily of three parts: membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus.

The membrane surrounds the cell and has the ability to “recognize” hundreds of substances. Acting as a “traffic cop,” it controls what enters the cell and what is purged.

The cytoplasm is the cell’s “factory floor,” on which are thousands of machines called organelles. At any given time, there are over 20 different chemical reactions happening in the cytoplasm, for purposes such as communication, waste removal, repair, nutrition and reproduction. There is even an elaborate transport system to move products and waste throughout the cell.

All of this is controlled by the “brains” of the cell—the nucleus. It stores all the information that the cell needs to repair and reproduce. This blueprint is made of chromosomes and genes containing DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

When properly understood, DNA is one of the most awe-inspiring creations in the entire universe. If one transcribed the genetic information for just one person, it would fill 600,000 pages! DNA is stored in a spiral “staircase” so efficient in design that if one were to unravel it from any human cell, the result would be about six feet in length. In fact, it has been estimated that if one placed all the DNA in the human body end to end, it would reach to the sun and back 400 TIMES!

Yet when in its natural form, all the genetic information needed to replicate the over 6.5 billion people on earth today fits into an area of about 1/8 of a square inch.

The nucleus, cellular membrane and all the machines in the cytoplasm make up every cell in your body. Recall that there are 100 trillion cells in it, with these little machines, factories and supervisors constantly working and reproducing.

Truly, the human body is amazing!

“The sixth assumption is that the invertebrates gave rise to the vertebrates…As Berrill states, ‘in a sense this account is science fiction.’

“We are on somewhat stronger ground with the seventh assumption that the fish, amphibia, reptiles, birds, and mammals are interrelated. There is the fossil evidence to help us here, though many of the key transitions are not well-documented and we have as yet to obtain a satisfactory objective method of dating the fossils…The evidence that we have at present is insufficient to allow us to decide the answer to these problems.”

James Watson, Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, wrote, “One could not be a successful scientist without realizing that, in contrast to the popular conception supported by newspapers and mothers of scientists, a goodly number of scientists are not only narrow-minded and dull, but also just stupid” (The Double Helix, p. 14).

Concluding this series of quotes, an editor of Science magazine once remarked, “One of the most astonishing characteristics of scientists is that some of them are plain, old-fashioned bigots. Their zeal has a fanatical, egocentric quality characterized by disdain and intolerance for anyone or any value not associated with a special area of intellectual activity” (Phillip Abelson, “Bigotry in Science,” April 1964).

Allow these quotes to sink in! These are words straight from the mouths of leading scientific minds, not “biased” creationists or fringe religionists.

Unanswered, Unproven and Untrue

You now understand many of the myths and fallacies surrounding evolution. It has been said that it is much harder to unlearn error than to learn new truth. You should be able to disprove the dishonest assertions made by evolutionists. And you should be able to see past the illogic they employ. The theory of evolution can now be clearly seen for what it is—ridiculous and absurd.

The intricate design inferred in biological science is why Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of DNA’s structure, Francis Crick, encouraged his fellow evolutionists that “Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed but rather evolved” (What Mad Pursuit: A Personal View of Scientific Discovery).

Rather, it is obvious that nothing has evolved! Yet, science continues to blindly try to prove this impossible theory. They are doomed to failure, as stated by Nobel laureate Dr. Robert A. Millikan: “The pathetic thing is that we have scientists who are trying to prove evolution, which no scientist can ever prove” (Bowden, The Rise of the Evolution Fraud…, p. 216-218).

No longer should confusing arguments blur your thinking from the truth of the matter. Each assumption has been systematically broken down, point by point. At the beginning of this article series, it was stated that you were about to read something unlike anything you have read before. And as you walk away from the ruins of evolution, you should now see why.

However, clearing the slate—and your thinking—of this manmade theory is only the beginning. The Bible states, “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse” (Rom. 1:20).

Evolutionists have corrupted the truth of life’s origins. Even when presented with the facts, they ignore them—actually deny them—drawing from a blind faith that “what they see was not designed but rather evolved.”

You can understand what so many have chosen to ignore! You have unlearned many false concepts. Your slate has been cleaned—your cup emptied—and now you are ready to understand the profound implications of disproving the theory of evolution…

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