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What If the World Obeyed the 10 Commandments? (Part 3)

How would the world change if it kept just the last four of the 10 Commandments? All nations will soon learn that keeping God’s marvelous Law will lead to permanent peace and prosperity.

28:32 Laws of God
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Tomorrow’s Wonderful World – An Inside View!

Where is the world going? Why is it filled with problems, troubles, evils and ills, causing unhappiness, confusion and misery of every kind? What lies ahead? Is there hope for a different—and truly better—world? Yes! A wonderful world—unlike anything ever seen on Earth—is coming. Its arrival is certain. This book presents an inside view of what it will be like!

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28:32 Laws of God

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28:32 Laws of God

What If the World Obeyed the 10 Commandments? (Part 3)

28:32 Laws of God

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