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About David C. Pack

Founder and Pastor General of The Restored Church of God, Editor-in-Chief of The Real Truth magazine, and voice of The World to Come program, David C. Pack has reached many millions around the globe with the most powerful truths of the Bible—unknown to almost all. He has authored 80 books and booklets, personally established over 50 congregations, and appeared as a guest on The History Channel. Mr. Pack attended Ambassador College in Pasadena, California, entered the Worldwide Church of God ministry in 1971, and was personally trained by its founder, Herbert W. Armstrong.

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How Long Will You Wait for God’s Prophecies?

NOTICE: This is the in a series of special announcements. They collectively unveil the massive, ongoing expansion that God’s Church, Work and Headquarters are experiencing. There is a reason for this expansion! The reader should contrast these announcements to the increasing bad news and bad events in UCG, LCG, PCG, COGwa and ALL splinters and slivers of the Worldwide Church of God. You must see what they are NOT announcing, and why they never will—and what GOD is bringing upon them. The place to start reading is either the fifth announcement—“God’s People Back Together—SOON!”—or the first one to catch up on all you have missed. If you begin with the fifth announcement, then read those before and after it. They are all important. An enormous and detailed prophecy is now being carried out by God. He is preparing events to soon bring His people back together—all of them. It is not my task to convince you the prophecy is true. God will do that! My job is to systematically lay out the specifics of what will happen and WHY—good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT! If you do, CATCH UP. Also, you will miss the full impact if you skip sections of these announcements.

This is the first of about three more announcements to be posted about the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy. Thousands of brethren, literally, in the splinters have read some or all of the previous 25 announcements. (Over 27,000 of the “God’s People Back Together—Soon!” series have been downloaded.) We have the numbers! It is clear that some brethren ARE “considering their ways.” We have many emails attesting to this. That is wonderful to see. The next announcements will explain additional expansive elements of the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy that none of us here had seen. They will open your eyes to things God has long intended to do with His end-time Church and Work that no one ever understood before, and you will see that His Word is PLAIN!

Before covering vital points and scriptures that all should now keep in mind, it is of course obvious there was an error in the prophecy’s timing. There may be other details that are wrong. I always knew this and said it to the Church more than once. In fact, we are still learning additional elements of it. Mr. Armstrong puzzled and puzzled and puzzled over certain much less complicated prophecies. He often said that things he learned came over time—not all right away, or even close in some cases. There are points we learned “late” in what is an enormously complex prophecy. We knew from early on in our pursuit of the truth that this prophecy did not carry with it the kind of time that Mr. Armstrong always had to properly sort through prophecies—ones that, however great in magnitude as we know some are, were simpler to understand.

Make no mistake. THE PROPHECY STANDS. Because it was never my prophecy, but rather God’s, it WILL come to pass. The whether and what of the prophecy have not changed, only the WHEN.

Christians Wait

Consider Zechariah 11:11. When God breaks his staff called “Grace,” it says: “…the poor of the flock that waited upon Me [God] knew that it was the word of the Lord.” This is a fascinating statement. We all are waiting for reunification. But a unique group called the “poor of the flock”—the prophecy reveals this to be God’s people, with the focus on those trapped in the splinters—are waiting on God. Waiting for God’s purpose to be fulfilled is nothing new for true Christians. The scriptures are filled with examples of God’s people waiting on Him—for healing, deliverance, guidance, a mate, a child, a job, prophecy to be fulfilled, and ultimately salvation. Notice just a few quotes from the Psalms, as well as one from James and one from Daniel:

Psalm 25:3, 5, 21: “Yes, let none that wait on You be ashamed…Lead me in Your truth, and teach me: for You are the God of my salvation; on You do I wait all the day…Let integrity and uprightness preserve me: for I wait on You.”

Psalm 27:14: “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”

Psalm 37:7, 9, 34: “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him…those that wait upon the Lord, they shall inherit the earth…Wait on the Lord, and keep His way…”

Psalm 52:9: “…I will wait on Your name; for it is good before Your saints.”

Psalm 59:9: “Because of His strength will I wait upon You: for God is my defence.”

Psalm 62:5: “My soul, wait you only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.”

Psalm 69:3: “I am weary of my crying: my throat is dried: mine eyes fail while I wait for my God.”

Psalm 69:6: “Let not them that wait on You, O Lord God of hosts, be ashamed for my sake: let not those that seek You be confounded for my sake, O God of Israel.”

Psalm 123:2: “Behold, as the eyes of servants look unto the hand of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God, until that He have mercy upon us.”

Psalm 130:5: “I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, and in His word do I hope.”

Psalm 145:15: “The eyes of all wait upon You…”

James 5:7-8: “Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waits for the precious fruit of the earth, and has long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. Be you also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draws near.”

Daniel 12:12-13: “Blessed is he that waits, and comes to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. But go you your way till the end be: for you shall rest, and stand in your lot at the end of the days [the 1,335 days].”

Daniel’s rest introduces one more verse from Job, who also wrote about waiting, but in a greater context: “O that You would hide me in the grave, that You would keep me secret, until Your wrath be past [Day of the Lord], that You would appoint me a set time, and remember me! If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I WAIT till my change come…” (14:13-14). Job described himself as waiting when he was dead for the resurrection, his “change” (I Cor. 15:51). Christians even wait in the grave for God to fulfill promises.

Think of the original apostles. They watched and waited year after year after year for Christ’s Return, absolutely believing this would happen in their lifetimes (I Cor. 15:51; I Thes. 4:15). Yet they were off by almost 2,000 years—a full THIRD of the entire length of God’s Plan! However rare, some few may think about this. Here’s what virtually no one reflects on. There was much more that they were waiting on and believed they would live to see—all of the OTHER events preceding Christ’s Return: the falling away, the Four Horsemen of Revelation, the arrival of the Beast, the False Prophet, the abomination of desolation, Jerusalem surrounded by armies, being taken to safety, as well as the Tribulation, Heavenly Signs and Day of the Lord. For decades, the apostles’ senses told them that all of these things lay just over the horizon—that they would live to see ALL of them fulfilled. Think. ALL of the apostles—every one of them!—got ALL MATTERS wrong in regard to timing—EVERYTHING!—and for almost an entire LIFETIME—again, including being off by 2,000 YEARS. Two were Christ’s own brothers, James and Jude. Two more, Peter and Paul, were leading apostles. It is no wonder that Mr. Armstrong himself was wrong for a time regarding Christ’s Return—and thus also was necessarily incorrect about the timing of everything prophetic that preceded it. But only his enemies crucified him. Mr. Armstrong lived to see virtually none—NONE!—of the things that he expected to see. I wonder how many brethren—first century or twentieth century—gave up on big prophecies because the apostles—first century or twentieth century—had their timing wrong. These men did not have the prophecies themselves wrong, but merely only the TIMING. Get the difference.

When things took longer, did the apostles panic, leave the Church and give up Christianity? No! They waited on God. This is what Christians do! These men remembered Christ’s words: “In your patience possess you your lives” (Luke 21:19).

God’s people are today waiting for many prophecies to be fulfilled—with this new one to come first. For over 47 years, I have been waiting for Christ’s Return, waiting for great prophecies to be fulfilled, waiting to be born into the kingdom of God, waiting for the Day of the Lord, waiting for protection in the place of safety and waiting for the abomination to appear. If you are watching as Christ commanded, so also have you been waiting. And still, as of yet, NONE of these events have happened. Not one.

Christians should always want God’s will in every matter. This includes matters of prophetic timing. If God intends to fulfill this prophecy in another timeframe, then Christians should want that timeframe, not their own. God’s will is to be done on Earth in every regard, and we are to be praying for this every day (Matt. 6:10). Think of the coming of God’s kingdom. While we all want to see it come tomorrow—TODAY would be better—we should want God’s timing more than our own. Seeking God’s will in everything is always the Christian path. This includes prophecy.

So then, how long will you wait for prophecy? The answer should be until God’s will is done. I realize that disbelieving accusers are never going to wait for what they do not believe. Having never believed the prophecy as it was revealed in the first place, they are certainly not going to start now. But the prophecy is true—right!—and it will occur whether or not you wait for God.

We Know “In Part”

I Corinthians 13 speaks of prophecy in the context of love: “Love never fails: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail [every prophecy eventually fails when it is fulfilled and turns into history—it fails at that point to any longer be prophecy]…For we know IN PART and we prophesy [inspired preaching] IN PART. But when that which is perfect is come [referring to prophecy], then that which is IN PART shall be done away” (vs. 8-10). Paul reminded the Corinthians that there are always elements within prophetic events which we do not have. We only have a partial picture. But everyone wants the complete picture. I certainly do. But God says knowing “part” must be enough, with faith in God through His Word necessary to fill in the rest. Remember, most in the world are permitted to know very little or nothing of prophecy.

Recall from Amos 3:7 that God always warns His servants in advance of what He will do. He will never allow them to be blindsided by events. His Church would have to know of coming events to get ready for them. There were still unseen elements—BIG ONES!—we absolutely needed to know in both Haggai and Zechariah. No doubt other elements we will continue to learn, but sometimes only “in part.”

Having not always understood clearly how to know the when of this prophecy, I join the apostles who misunderstood certain prophetic timelines. (But so have all of you old-timers in the Church done the same.) At a point, I thought I could not deny what appeared to be the obvious year of this incredibly unique prophecy—unlike all others where one could not know the year, such as the day of Christ’s return. With one of my roles to warn God’s people, I could not just pass over the timing-related elements of the prophecy. The prophecy carried a certain urgency. Think of Haggai 1:4, 5, 7 and 8 and God’s instruction to the remnant. Many things still point to this taking place very soon. (Just think of the many events occurring in the world that cry out for a big, unified Work!)

Where Will You Wait?

Lacking the prophecy’s fulfillment, having vested themselves in the announced date, some brethren outside The Restored Church of God are surely wondering what to do now. You face a choice: wait inside God’s Church and Work—or outside

If you stay where you are, you have chosen to continue under false leaders in a place of division and deception, one drenched in false doctrine and under a false government, all while witnessing accelerating collapse around you. Of course, some may just go home. Unavailable to you will be healings, blessings and almost daily exciting announcements of God’s Church and Work. (Just view our “Behind the Work” film right after the Feast of Tabernacles to see the sharp contrast with your group.) Or would you rather support the exciting Work of God being done in His Church, under His government, in His full truth, while experiencing the peace, joy, love and unity only possible in one Church?

The only real alternative you have is to follow Christ’s Spirit back to His Church.

Think hard about what you will do. You do not need to wait until our next “Fruits” letter highlights how we continue to explode in growth and the reach of the Work while other groups do not. You need not miss out.

Do not stake your salvation on the timing of the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy. I repeat a final time. The prophecy is TRUE. Just next week’s announcement will inspire you beyond belief—it is way beyond what you could imagine! Don’t miss it!


A statement to all MINISTERS: God WILL reunite His people, and soon. Ministers for decades have been “scattering” them—and working “against” Christ (Matt. 12:30). Read what follows Matthew 12:30. Now comes a powerful word of caution to those men who at all fear God and want to remain in His ministry. Those who are known to have tried to thwart the active work of God’s Spirit to reunite His people need to know they have chosen to END THEIR MINISTRY! The government of God’s Church will make diligent inquiry with brethren now under your charge.

Most of you grew liberal in the 1970s—this was “strike one” in God’s sight. But you were forgiven by a loving and merciful God and given another chance. However, mostly the same men grew far more liberal and heretical in the second “go-around” through the 90s, and all the way to the present—this was a very great “strike two” in God’s sight. But His plan is to forgive you AGAIN, upon repentance. If you fight His Purpose NOW—read “God’s People Back Together—SOON!”, and other recent announcements—the result will be “strike THREE,” and you will be OUT of the ministry by your own choosing. God’s duly appointed government will REMOVE you from office. You are STRONGLY counseled to at least remain NEUTRAL in the face of your headquarters asking or even demanding you to resist what “RCG is teaching”—when God’s Spirit in you should be making clear that what we are announcing is GOD’S teaching. Tell your flock you are “waiting to see,” and if circumstances so require, tell your headquarters that you are going to follow God not them when push comes to shove. Tell them you are “sitting this one out.” Do not trust that your current leaders will be able to save your ministry. They will NOT! Only you can do this.

Now aware of God’s awesome purpose, you should in fact desire to “get out front” of what He is doing in order to help the maximum number of people. Other ministers and deacons already have. In any event, if you are not strong enough to do this, do not permit yourself to be coerced or even threatened into a position where you are soon sorry—DESPERATELY sorry!—for your actions, much like Esau found himself when he “was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears” (Heb. 12:16-17). Esau could not turn back the hands of time on what he had done. Some mistakes “go too far.” You are warned not to repeat Esau’s mistake! Time in this age is almost gone. You stand at the crossroads of history, prophecy and DESTINY. Humble yourself in the eyes of God and He will exalt you in the future beyond what you can now imagine. You could soon be serving more of God’s people—meaning larger congregations.


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