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About David C. Pack

Founder and Pastor General of The Restored Church of God, Editor-in-Chief of The Real Truth magazine, and voice of The World to Come program, David C. Pack has reached many millions around the globe with the most powerful truths of the Bible—unknown to almost all. He has authored 80 books and booklets, personally established over 50 congregations, and appeared as a guest on The History Channel. Mr. Pack attended Ambassador College in Pasadena, California, entered the Worldwide Church of God ministry in 1971, and was personally trained by its founder, Herbert W. Armstrong.

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An Open Letter to All Splinter Ministers

NOTICE: This is the in a series of special announcements. They collectively unveil the massive, ongoing expansion that God’s Church, Work and Headquarters are experiencing. There is a reason for this expansion! The reader should contrast these announcements to the increasing bad news and bad events in UCG, LCG, PCG, COGwa and ALL splinters and slivers of the Worldwide Church of God. You must see what they are NOT announcing, and why they never will—and what GOD is bringing upon them. The place to start reading is either the fifth announcement—“God’s People Back Together—SOON!”—or the first one to catch up on all you have missed. If you begin with the fifth announcement, then read those before and after it. They are all important. An enormous and detailed prophecy is now being carried out by God. He is preparing events to soon bring His people back together—all of them. It is not my task to convince you the prophecy is true. God will do that! My job is to systematically lay out the specifics of what will happen and WHY—good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT! If you do, CATCH UP. Also, you will miss the full impact if you skip sections of these announcements.

This announcement addresses all ministers and elders throughout the splinters and slivers, including those who went home after the apostasy. But first an announcement that continues to force hard questions into the face of people still generally unwilling to examine the organization they attend and why they remain there. Ask yourself why the following powerful opportunities are coming to The Restored Church of God and not your group. Ask why they seem to be virtually nonstop here—almost routine—when nothing like them is occurring anywhere else.

TWO new open doors—one BIG!—unexpectedly presented themselves to us to expand TV coverage in the United States and around the world. The first involves a network called theWALKtv where we have secured a prime Sunday morning time slot—11:30 a.m. ET—beginning July 21. It has 209 affiliates (many in small markets) in the United States, which reach 50.2 million households through antenna, an additional 37.2 million through cable and all Free-to-Air satellite viewers in North America and the Caribbean on the Galaxy 19 satellite. This is about three-quarters of all television households in the United States (plus more internationally). Outside North America, theWALKtv reaches the U.S. Virgin Islands, Finland, Curacao and India. And viewers can now watch The World to Come™ on the following streaming devices and services: ROKU, Film On, iPoint Television, Jericho Christian Television, Omniverse and Seen on Demand.

Another absolutely wonderful slot just opened on Word Network. We took it yesterday. The World to Come will begin airing on September 1, 2013 at 10:30 A.M. ET SUNDAY MORNING! This network has over 800 U.S. affiliates (broadcast and cable) covering 134 DMAs (Designated Market Areas), and reaches over 90 million TV households in the U.S. It also reaches over 100 million households in Europe and 610 million more worldwide—perhaps close to one and a half billion people with a prime slot. Word Network blankets over 200 countries and territories via satellite and/or cable. Its fleet of five geostationary satellites spans the globe, covering everywhere except South America. This network also is on DIRECTV and Sky Angel Faith & Family TV in the United States, Sky UK, Sky Italia (Italy), Tata Sky (India) and Flow TV (Jamaica).

Again, ask why you never hear such announcements about the “Work” in your organization? Now think of our buildings, college, literature, vast television reach beyond all the splinters put together, healings, other open doors, outside media exposure, and so much more. Think of fruits in abundance seen nowhere else.

Awesome Future Opportunity for Every Minister

The group this announcement addresses should most be able to recognize the fingerprints of God working in His Church. It was the ministry—1,855 ministers and elders the day I was terminated in March 1993—that helped build, lead and manage God’s Work for decades under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership. With the passing of time since his death, this number has of course dwindled (and many never left the WCG), with groups having ordained many “replacements” who have no sense or knowledge of the ministry as it existed under Mr. Armstrong. So many today simply can no longer recognize God’s Church and Work when they see it. This includes ministers and laymembers alike. (A note to ministers under 40: You have not really seen what God’s Church is supposed to look like. Those under 30 have never seen it. GRASP THIS before proceeding!)

Previous announcements have carried a sobering closing set of paragraphs under the heading “Attention Ministers.” This announcement to the ministers will be somewhat different, and therefore does not this time include that section.

Instead, while this announcement will correct you, it will also inspire and surprise you. It includes a series of questions to consider in advance of the Haggai prophecy fulfillment. The goal is to lift you with hope for the future. Another purpose of these announcements has been to awaken in ministers a remembrance of the government of God at work in His Church. If you are reading with an open mind you will understand that what is written is, in part, an appeal designed to get your attention and return you to your true role and calling. You once firmly believed that Jesus Christ had installed you into the office you held within His unified Body. (Yet hundreds of you went on to reduce your God-ordained office to mere “elder.”) Hopefully many of you still believe as you once did.

If you have not yet read the previous announcements, go back and read them. You will be mostly lost here without their foundation. Also, these announcements will soon end and with them my role for now. The living Jesus Christ is about to personally “shepherd” His flock. As ministers, this should be on your mind. Scattered into divided, competing organizations, Christ’s people collectively have not been listening to Him. This will soon change. Through His Spirit, He is about to start powerfully working with you, as well as laymembers, no matter their group or whether they stayed home after the apostasy.

Your Role

First some review from previous announcements. We saw God’s people will soon be reinstated into His Church after having been disfellowshipped for about 20 years. Recall what Mr. Armstrong taught YOU about the status of the disfellowshipped. None of the WCG ministry ever believed that a disfellowshipped person was still a member of the Body of Christ. We all understood and taught that such individuals did have God’s Spirit but were outside His Church. If the person did not eventually return to God’s Church, to be reconnected to the True Vine, he would gradually lose the Spirit of God. God has mercifully reserved thousands until many or most of these would “consider their ways” and be able to be reinstated by the “Great Shepherd and Bishop of their souls” (I Pet. 2:25; Heb. 13:20). God MAY be ready to reinstate YOU—even though you now almost certainly do not believe such reinstatement is necessary. This is about to change.

Consider this, and how it relates to your ministry today: If a minister left God’s Church in the 1960s, 70s or 80s, could he later return and immediately re-enter the ministry? Of course not! There would be a transition back into service, and only then if he had not permanently disqualified himself. Also, if someone were ordained outside God’s Church his ordination would not be accepted in the Worldwide Church of God. Why would these things be different today? Now add another factor: the man was gone from the Church for decades. If brethren must be reinstated into the Church, so must ministers into the true ministry. (Again, a series of questions later in this announcement will explain this process in more detail.)

Christ is about to bring all those with His Spirit out of the other groups. He has a plan to gather His scattered flock. But what has not yet been covered is the crucial role that YOU can play in this gathering. Before full reunification of God’s people occurs, you will have one last opportunity to repent from a degenerate spiritual condition in order to assist Christ. It will take a jolt to awaken everyone to their condition—literally worse than wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked because this describes people inside God’s Church, and they have not yet even returned. Read Hebrews 12:7-8 and remind yourself of how God describes those who will not receive correction. Soon you will either help with Christ’s regathering process, or you will hinder His work. There will be only gatherers or scatterers. (Read Christ’s words in Matthew 12:30.) When the opportunity to do the right thing presents itself, do not blow it!

Related to this, realize that God cannot stir His Spirit in ministers and members who do not have it. Sadly, this describes many in the splinters. And it means a tremendous battle of wills may soon develop. You must be ready to help defeat the devil’s attempt to continue the status quo. Confusion and division will temporarily reign. God’s people will be unsure of what to do. Satan will attempt to deceive them about what is happening. Recognize that God’s Church—HIS Headquarters—will back you up during this difficult time. Reread John 10:11-15 to understand what is about to fall upon YOU.

Tragically, some will make the wrong decision and lose eternal life. Consider carefully your actions. Your record is being written. Judgment is now on the house of God (I Pet. 4:17). You know human beings. You know they will broadcast what happened in your pastorate. (Future announcements will explain EXACTLY what God says will happen to everyone who does not come—one of three things, none good.)

Important Questionnaire

A crucial series of questions present themselves before every shepherd of any rank. As you read, think hard—very, very hard!—about your original calling to serve in one or more offices under the sure guidance and direction of Christ as Head of His Church. Ask yourself each difficult question today’s circumstances require you to answer. Do not permit yourself to look away from hard realities now confronting all of God’s ­people.

In every age of His Church, Christ’s sheep have needed shepherds. Those with special leadership training and experience from the past will be held accountable in a greater way than all others (Jms. 3:1-2). Dereliction of duty by those “to whom much was given” will mean that “much will be required” of them some day (Luke 12:48). Take a deep breath and think of yourself standing before the “judgment seat” of Christ (II Cor. 5:10). You will be forced to give answers to HIM then if you are unwilling to demand them of YOURSELF ­now.

The millions constituting the physical remnant of modern Israel returning from captivity are foretold to come “weeping and loathing themselves” for having rejected God’s Way (Jer. 50:4-5; Ezek. 6:8-9). What about the spiritual remnant, who once knew that Way, but largely left it? Will/does this describe you? Read the above verses, and then read the following questions slowly, carefully and prayerfully. They are the biggest way that the ministry should “consider their ways.” Consider writing out the answers:

(1) Retirement—Mr. Armstrong taught that retirement is not an option for a true minister.

  • Did you retire? If so, when, and why did you think yourself an exception?

(2) Non-Career—Mr. Armstrong taught that “going non-career” is not an option for a true minister.

  • Did you do this? If so, why did you think yourself an exception?

(3) Established Doctrine and Tradition

  • In what doctrines or traditions do you believe Mr. Armstrong “got it wrong”? (Include all areas—be specific.)

(4) Did you actively resist false doctrine in your ministry?—or give safe sermons where you disagreed? (Be specific.)

  • During the liberal years of the 1970s?
  • In the WCG in the late 1980s and early 90s?
  • In your splinter or splinters?

(5) On each doctrine where you came to agree with God’s enemies—either Joe Tkach, those who assisted his destruction or your splinter leader—why did you agree?

(6) Why should you still be considered for the ministry in God’s Church?

  • Why should God’s flock ever again be entrusted to your care?
  • Are you prepared to re-win brethren’s trust, including brethren now here whom you will likely also pastor? What about re-winning the trust of Headquarters?

(7) Did you actively pursue where God’s Truth, Church, Work, College and Government were found?

  • If not, why not? Be specific.
  • If so, how hard? Be specific.

(8) Have you read or viewed any of our Splinter Explanation Packet material?

  • What items? Ÿ Did you at any time hear my “30 Reasons” sermons of 1993 and 1994? (Parts 1, 2 or 3?)

(9) Do you now believe again that Christ works solely through one unified organization?

(10) In light of government(s) you followed, how do you see God’s government today?

(11) Have you returned to believing that Mr. Armstrong was the final Zerubbabel?

(12) Have you returned to believing that truth only enters the Church through apostles as Mr. Armstrong said so often?

(13) Do you believe I Corinthians 12:18 applies to you with no qualifications added?

(14) Do you believe there can be exceptions to I Corinthians 1:10 and 13—regarding members or ministers in the Church?

(15) Are you willing to temporarily or permanently become an associate pastor?

(16) Are you willing to be excluded from the ministry until you requalify?

(17) Are you familiar with the new teachings that God has added to His Church on top of what Mr. Armstrong taught?

  • Which ones?—and do you agree?

(18) If your ordination(s) is(are) invalid, are you interested in being re-trained for Christ’s true ministry?

(19) Do you believe ministers should be able to voice opinions to others about:

  • Where Headquarters is “wrong”?
  • What Mr. Armstrong taught/said/did “wrong”?
  • What Mr. Pack teaches/says/does “wrong”?
  • Where your boss is “wrong” or harsh, etc.?
  • Where you disagree doctrinally?

(20) Do you consider yourself as having been (rate yourself from 5 being best to 0 being worst):

  • Weak
  • Cowardly
  • Slothful
  • Covetous
  • Confused
  • Compromising
  • Foolish
  • Political (And did you ever “run for office” in a splinter?)
  • Heretical
  • Deceitful
  • Easily deceived
  • Betrayed your calling

(21) Why did you lose the ability to “discern good from evil” (Heb. 5:13-14)?—and for so long?

(22) What do you consider to be your ministerial rank?

Ÿ Evangelist Ÿ Pastor Ÿ Preaching Elder Ÿ Local Elder Ÿ Local Church Elder Ÿ “Elder” Ÿ Ministerial Assistant

(23) Are you prepared to dedicate the rest of your life to serving God’s flock and fixing completely the horrific mess you helped cause in so many lives?

(24) In light of how you once saw Mr. Armstrong, do you still recognize the fruits of a true apostle when you see one?

  • If you say yes, why did you follow Joe Tkach until he destroyed everything?

(25) Describe your spiritual condition today. (Also, rate your temperature from 0-10, with 10 the highest.)

(26) What 5 biggest lessons did you learn from and since the apostasy? (In order of importance.)

(27) How many times did you fast for 24 hours (or more) before answering these questions?

(28) How many times have you prayed over Psalm 51 on your knees?

(29) Having now long abandoned many doctrines you said you would never leave, how would you convince Headquarters that this time you “mean it” if you intend to now “hold fast” (Rev. 3:11)?

(30) What have been your pastoral actions during the troubles of recent weeks and months?

(31) Are you prepared to spend a full year (or more) catching up with all you must unlearn, relearn, and learn new?

(32) What personal responsibility do you feel for the deplorable condition into which God’s people have sunk?

(33) How would you prove that you are still Spirit-led?—or were ever Spirit-led?

(34) What date did you leave the WCG, and why did you remain beyond May 1995, if this is the case?

(35) What did you do after reading the article “God’s People Back Together—SOON!”?

In due course, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that looks very similar to this list.

*No answers that are blank, “I’m not sure” or short responses will then be permitted.

*All wives should answer the questions, including every point applicable. (Some are obviously to be skipped.)

*Aware of recent history, and the lies and deceit of so many men and leaders, DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF!

*You are encouraged not to discuss or in any way share your answers with anyone other than God and your spouse.

Your Leaders

If you want your ministry to continue, think carefully about the men you currently support. To pooh-pooh this announcement is to risk your calling. Think it through. The leaders of your organization cannot give you eternal life. They will soon be unable to even continue your employment as a pastor or associate pastor. I will reference in the final two announcements how God will deal with certain leaders. As we leave Haggai for other books and passages, the prophecy is about to grow MUCH more serious.

Be careful you do not write me off as another “prophecy kook.” I am not a prophet and have never claimed to be. The fruits of my office show it to be different. With the passing of years, most ministers have grown confused about even some of the very biggest points of prophecy. Almost all have grown even worse with the details. Be careful you do not quickly dismiss a complex prophecy, one you are no longer equipped to readily grasp. Just think about how you probably could not even remember that Mr. Armstrong was the Zerubbabel of Haggai and Zechariah 4—never mind WHAT THIS MEANT.

Some or many ministers may be torn over these announcements, wondering if I could be right. Haggai is a book in your Bible! His prophecy WILL soon come to pass. No other explanation of it fits—and none but Gerald Flurry is even offering an explanation. (When has that man gotten ANYTHING about prophecy right?)

Your leaders once claimed to be searching for God’s servant. One was sent! Yet humanly I am no more special than any of you. God’s pattern of government starts with one leader. You once believed this. You also once professed to know an apostle when you saw one—meaning by the fruits. Just like you did not ask to become a minister of Jesus Christ, I did not ask for my responsibilities. Who would? But God’s flock is before us, along with the greatest Work the world has ever seen.

Will you rise to the challenge?

You may soon find yourself pastoring larger or much larger numbers of brethren after reunification. God’s Church will again enjoy more and larger congregations around the world. This means greater service and greater reward—for you and those you serve. Do not jeopardize this!

God’s people can again experience the peace that existed during the Worldwide Church of God while it was on track. Realize a wonderful place—an awesome future opportunity—awaits you. We all look forward to thousands of people returning to God’s Church. Brethren will again “dwell together in unity” (Psa. 133:1), walking together in the “bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3). The I Corinthians 1:10 picture of complete unity will again be the case for ALL God’s people. These verses will be fulfilled a second time in this age, and your role will be central. You will again be helpers of people’s true joy, working together with brothers in the ministry you have not seen for years. Leaders have kept ministers divided as much as they have the brethren.

Let’s be personal. Some of you are in poor health, with a few suffering from “terminal illness.” There are no longer as many “youngsters” among the ministry as before. Do not rule out that some or many of you (brethren, too) may be healed—I actually expect this—upon returning to God’s Church. Those outside the Body of Christ have no hope of this since this is a miracle given only within Christ’s Body (I Cor. 12:9). Such healings—what you and the brethren now never see—are almost routine here.

God is about to extend His marvelous forgiveness—and grace!—to you to go forward into the final stretch run before AWESOME PROPHECIES explode upon an unsuspecting world. You and your wife are needed. You are both wanted. And you will find that the environment that we in The Restored Church of God experience every day here could not be further from the false picture that heretical, covetous, deceiving leaders have portrayed about us.

Where you have been has been ALL WRONG!

God’s Headquarters is readying to welcome your return and faithful service to people so badly in need of this. And you will find that you will be understood, honored and supported in ways you cannot now dream. You cannot earn this, but you can strive to be worthy of it—beginning now!

Be sure to read the next three Friday announcements. Next week will be short but essential, followed by two longer announcements—which contain some of the most fascinating knowledge you will ever learn.

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