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Fear of Terrorism Is Driving Americans to Avoid Crowds

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Fear of Terrorism Is Driving Americans to Avoid Crowds

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Americans’ fear of being caught in or witnessing a terrorist act is causing more to stay away from large throngs of people. According to a June 2017 Gallup survey, 38 percent are less willing to attend crowded events. For comparison, after the September 11 attacks, 30 percent said they were less willing to be a part of a crowd.

In addition, Gallup reported the following related trends:


  • Forty-six percent of U.S. adults said they were less willing to travel overseas, up eight percentage points since 2011.
  • Nearly a third said they were less willing to fly on an airplane, up from 24 percent in July 2011.
  • Twenty-six percent said they were less willing to enter skyscrapers. This is the highest percentage recorded since September 2002.


In another study titled “Survey of American Fears” and conducted by Chapman University, terrorist attacks ranked second on the list of things Americans feared the most.

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