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Report: Americans Improving Their Diet

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Report: Americans Improving Their Diet

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Consumer research group National Purchase Diary (NPD) stated in their most recent National Eating Trends Report that “the percentage of adults on a diet has decreased by ten percentage points since 1990.” In addition to this, the number of Americans eating healthier is increasing.

More than 70% of Americans have added whole grain or reduced calorie foods into their diets at least once during a two-week period. The Eating Trends Report also added that “the average American added at least two better-for-you products a day” to their diet.

Harry Balzer, NPD’s vice president, stated, “A generation ago it was about subtracting bad things from your diet, but today healthy eating is more about addition than subtraction.”

This ongoing concern about health has already shown dividends. Recent U.S. government studies have pointed to stabilization in both adult and child obesity levels.

Even with the current economic slowdown, eating healthy is still a serious concern for adults. A fast fact check survey conducted by NPD confirmed that healthy choices outranked saving money as the main influencing factor on food and beverage purchases.

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